At Night

You said, "I'll catch you
No matter where you fall
I'll love you with my all
In my heart and soul"

And I look at the stars tonight
They're out in the sky shining bright
I can still recall your smiling face
But now that you're gone, I can't stand the pain

How could you leave me hanging?
Holding on to a promise broken even before it's said
You said forever and I believed it
I said eternity and you didn't hear me
But still I stayed... and you, you're gone

You said, "I'll always be there
To comfort you and hug you
And when you cry
I'll be there crying with you"

And I look at our pictures tonight
They're crumbling down as time flies
I can still smell the scent of your hair
As you look down at me, lying down on you
But now that you're gone, I just don't think it's fair

How could you do this, leave me hanging?
You left without goodbye, is that too much to ask?
You asked me to stay and forever I waited
But you didn't even notice, you didn't even care

I walk behind you but you never looked back
All I could see was your hair
Flowing down your back as your hips swing about

I could see your eyes sparkle
Everytime you laugh with them
I can't help but feel sad because I'll never be like them

I've been sitting here and wishing
Waiting for you to come to me
I'm crying here, you said you'd hold me
But what's this I see? You haven't even noticed
I'm screaming my heart out but you can't even hear me

Sometimes, I wish you'd just disappear
... That I'd never see you again
But most of the time, I'll go through all the pain
Just to see you smile again