Drifting Away

I've really gotta say this
I can no longer wait
For the right moment

This is getting hard for me
I'm trying to hold on
But what you do just hurts me

I feel like I'm losing you
I can see you're drifting away
My heart's crumbling into pieces
You almost stepped on them
Please, can't you see how you're making me feel?
Look my way, not over there, and maybe you'll see

I know I might sound selfish
It's not that I don't want you to go anywhere
Or do anything, or what you want

This is just so painful for me
I can tell you might move on
And it's getting really hard


Can't you see?
You're who I need to be with
You're my all, my everything
But it seems like you don't understand
I am so in love with you
I just know that someday
You won't say you love me too

I don't wanna lose you
You can tell, and I told you
Please just understand

I'm selfish and I know it seems
Like I'm using you
But that's not true

Don't believe what they say
I love you... I won't go away