This tune was inspired by the song "Polska Från Ekshärad" by the magnificent Swedish folk trio, Bjärv.Olaf, the fiddler of Bjärv taught me the song on my own fiddle and it is one of my favorites to play. A seljefloyte is a type of primitive Scandinavian flute made of birch bark. It has no fingerholes; the pitch is changed by stopping up the end hole with one finger and the speed and force of the breath of the player. It has a very primal and haunting sound. The elves in the poem are the "light elves" of Norse mythology (aka the hulder), not the Victorian miniatures. The birch tree is an important symbol in Scandinavia, often involving women. I made the fiddler a man because of history and precedence, andthough I generally try to avoid sexist stereotypes, this peom is meant to mirror Scandinavian folklore. I'll write about female fiddlers in the future.

Hopefully, these explanatory notes will help you enjoy and understand the poem. Thanks for reading!