Where's Your God Now?

Bang, bang, goes the gun

As you kill another son

Mothers and daughters fight over boys

While husbands and brothers play with their lethal toys

Where's your God now

As you cry

Where's your God now

When people die

Omnipresent or just not there

You cry to him that life's not fair

Do you really think he'll answer your prayers?

Do you really think that he cares?

Cannibalism is no longer a sin

When everyone's fighting let the fun begin

Ritual slaughter and sacrifice

Find out how you die by rolling the dice

Gamble away your life and meaning

Leave yourself with plotting and scheming

Your wife's a whore, your children both dead

Because they listened to the words you said

Violence is now the way you live

And now you have nothing to give

And still you try

And still you cry

Where's your God now

When you're alone

Your God hates you now

Because of these emotions you've shown