Section One

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." —John Cage.

With every value we stand for comes the risk that we'll be attacked. Different people have different points of view, and everyone wants their point of view to be the correct one. People argue and fight, sometimes switching to violence, just so their opinions will be put on a pedestal. In the last three months, almost everybody involved in the Star Wars controversy on Fictionpress-dot-com has done exactly that. We have all resorted to bickering and arguing, name-calling, spitting insults, jamming knives into backs, and mockery just so we can try and reach that pedestal. Whenever one side fires off a verbal rocket, the other fires back with what they believe to be a more powerful verbal rocket. We don't try to understand each other, and we don't try to consider each other. The reason we do that is because human nature has us fearing things we don't understand, resisting change, and destroying that which differs from common belief. We have all succumbed to that nature.

Coming to America is often joyful for someone new. The United States is the most talked-about country in the entire world, and for the thousands of immigrants that come into the country each year, the prospect of living in a new world is intriguing and, more and less, exciting. Like one of those many immigrants, when I first discovered Fictionpress, I could barely contain my excitement. Fictionpress was introduced to me when I posted ideas for the tales of my Star Wars story on my AOL Instant Messenger Sub-profile and got very positive feedback from my friends. One of those friends, a Fictionpress user at the time, suggested that I put it on this site. This place was a whole new setting for me. Since one could post stories by chapters, it gave me the advantage of putting up what I had and getting feedback while I wrote the next part. It took a while to make the decision to go ahead and post Star Wars: Reality. I was hoping that people would use the Star Wars elements already present in the story to form a background for what was going on, then move past that and delve into the quality of the majority of the work that was original. For a while, that's exactly what happened. Not one person told me to remove the story until nineteen days and ten reviews after it was posted. The first ten reviews all commented on the quality of the story, with none of them seeming to care whether or not the story was on the "right" site in the first place. However, to make sure people didn't misunderstand my intentions, I wrote in a disclaimer giving full credit to George Lucas for creating the Star Wars elements I was using. I also posted the story on FanFiction-dot-net along with Fictionpress. Again, I was left alone after that. It wasn't until three months later that I got attacked again. Nevertheless, that attack soon died too, and another two month period went by before the real action started.

In the beginning, it was about rules. "Fictionpress-dot-com does not accept fanfiction and we encourage users to use sites such as FanFiction-dot-net for the fanfiction genre"(Fictionpress Terms of Service). Above is the rule that we have all read, and all, for the most part, abide. It does seem fair. In exchange for the tiny amount of bandwidth allowed to you, you must not fill it with another type of story other than original fiction. Now I am fully aware that my story can be classified as FanFiction; however, despite the fact that a rule has been broken, I do not see what is wrong with filling the bandwidth given to me with a piece of writing.

I thought that was what I was doing. From my extensive knowledge of Star Wars, I knew that characters like Bryan Rawling, Emilie Rodenski, Yurnold Camikai, Hans and Jori Fresderov, and the dozens of other people I created weren't in Star Wars. Also, I knew for a fact that Earth, Hident, Sallop IV, Deil Nine, Caresica and all the other planets and locations weren't among the ones in the Star Wars universe. Further more, the setting for this story is in our universe, not the Star Wars universe. In fact, everything in my story is original, save three technicalities; two characters who play very minor roles in the whole story in general, and the Star Wars technology, which can be considered generic judging by how many science fiction stories include things like one-man fighters and weapon apparatus' like laser cannons. It all apparently comes down to names.

As far I have seen, my story is the first of its kind, and, in my humble opinion, can be classified as original. The argument now comes down to the true meaning of the word "original", and that is a fight that nobody is going to win, because there are too many different definitions, and, once again, we will eventually succumb to arguing only about whose definition is valid and whose is not.