Section Five

"Strange is it that our bloods, of colour, weight, and heat, pour'd all together would quite confound distinction, yet stand off in differences so mighty."

—William Shakespeare

Now onto the part that I'm so sure you all have been waiting for: closing arguments. Once again, my chance, as a debater, to voice my opinions.

We are all authors here. Refute that if you want, but that is what Fictionpress considers everyone on here to be. When you open the link to a story, the first thing you will see is the writer's name next to the word "Author." We all write for some reason. Some write for the joy of writing, some for the fame, some for the money. Who knows what others there might be. What puzzles me is why I'm accused of craving attention as if it's a bad thing.

I want attention. It is my firm belief that every writer wants attention. The reason I want attention is because I am interested in what other people have to say. It is always fun to hear other people's opinions. The reason I keep writing my essays, despite the fact that you all don't want me to, is because I already know what my attackers' opinions are. They are the same everytime, so I want new opinions of people that I don't know. That is the attention I want. The attention that let's me and my reviewers come away with more knowledge than we did before, not the attention that a crying child warrants.

Ever since the It Might Happen and It Might Not came out, the fight has seemed to transform from wanting to voice opinions to my attackers making sure that they prove me wrong no matter what. It seems as though people go to great lengths to make sure that nothing I say is correct. How nothing in science and nature is a fact because we live in the Matrix is one example of how weird and irrational these arguments are starting to become. Other odd arguments include the one that says that happiness, the emotion happiness, can be controlled by the United States Constitution. The argument that scares me the most is the one that says that it is logical to fairly judge something by a technicality instead of quality. That scares me because that's exactly the way African-Americans used to be judged. One of the more recent odd arguments was left in two of the reviews to Penultimate Endgame. The argument was that my quotations were void because a majority of the men and women who said them were dead. It is ironic, because in one review, the reviewer leaves a quotation from Shakespeare that says "Do not heed the words of dead men," yet Shakespeare himself is dead. Not an important point, but I thought I'd mention it. Would it make any difference if they were alive? If those people do not speak the truth, then who does? My attackers are honestly telling me that the principles of men like Mahatma Gandhi, Galileo, Malcolm X, and William Shakespeare are void. Do my attackers really believe that's true? If the words of dead men have no credibility at all, then the United States Constitution is void as well. The Constitution is based on principles of people like John Locke, Rousseau, Hobbs, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, men who had been dead for years and years before the document was written. This also means Dr. Martin Luther King is void too, meaning that his views on segregation, justice, and racism are not valid. If my attackers must believe that the words of dead men are void, then they must believe that the words of all dead men are void. That is because the arguments they have put up against my story say that there can be no exceptions to certain rules, so to say there are some in this case would not be true to their arguments against me.

That brings me to my argument on rules. I have said since the beginning that rules are sentences, and I still stand by it now. "Fictionpress-dot-com does not accept fanfiction and we encourage users to use sites such as FanFiction-dot-net for the fanfiction genre"(Fictionpress Terms of Service). That is a sentence. In it's real state, which is right above here, it is a pairing of letters that form a chain of words that ends in a period. A rule has no power whatsoever because, by itself, it is just a sentence. The power we perceive it to have is the power we give it. That power comes in the consequences. Without consequences, a rule would be practically nothing. For instance, if the administrators here didn't threaten to block one's penname for life for breaking the rules, you would probably see more people like me showing up. Another example is the law against murder. If there were no consequences to breaking that law, then the population of this planet would probably be severely deteriorated. Whether or not I am wrong in breaking the rule, who knows. However, I believe it is wrong to criticize somebody simply because they do not bow their head to a sentence on an amateur fiction website.

As me and Justin continued to write, we were accused of not presenting proof to our arguments. In response to that, I went back and looked at some of the essays we wrote, and I found the proof for a great deal of points in plain sight. At the same time, I found points with little or no proof. However, some of those points, like "right and wrong is all perception," are not that easy to prove. It isn't that we haven't presented what we believe to be adequate proof for our points. It appears that you all don't believe the proof, and therefore think it doesn't exist. I assure you, the proof is there. What me and A Very Disappointed Author are waiting for, for the sake of debate, is proof that counters ours.

A little while ago, during my reading of one of A Very Disappointed Author's essays, I stumbled upon a review that really caught my attention. The reviewer copied the copyright on my story:

"© Copyright 2004 raptor7435 (FictionPress ID:445208). All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of raptor7435."

He then presented it in the review and wrote this below it:

"Do you understand what I'm typing? He's claiming in plane print that he owns it!"

I would like to know where it is in that copyright that I say that I own Star Wars. That copyright was automatically put there by Fictionpress. I did not write it, nor did I ask for it, really. The copyright seems to be the issue here. It appears to be the difference between what is original and what is not. If you think I cannot copyright my story because it is a Star Wars story, I advise you to think again. I have done it before. I wrote a 175 page Star Wars book when I was twelve. By my terms, it was very bad, but it was complete. I got it copywritten to my name so no one could steal it. The lawyer who explained the process to me said that I could copyright it under my name, however, if I chose to publish it, I would need written consent by a representative of Lucasfilm Ltd.©. This site is not a book company. It does not publish these stories under the name of companies like Del-Rey© and Bantam©. So not having a copyright doesn't automatically mean the story isn't original.

What disturbs me most about this whole fight is how much care is put into where the story ends up rather than its quality. Most of the people who are attacking me have never even read the story. Some even go as far as saying they won't even read it until it is put on the "correct site." When they say things like that and then come back later and say they care about quality the most in a story, I, in all honesty, start laughing. I laugh mainly because there are people in this fight who really believe that there is such thing as a "correct site" for a book. Now I respect that as their opinion. Since, in my opinion, right and wrong is all about perception, there's nothing I can do to prove them wrong. However, I would like to know how there can be a "correct site" for a piece of writing. Note how I didn't call it "FanFiction," I called it a "piece of writing", because regardless of what characters it has, that's what a FanFiction is, along with original fiction.

In conclusion, I ask that you all keep in mind one thing: we are arguing over a book. All the back-stabbing, all the insults, all the bickering has been over a simple book. Whether or not my story is a book by definition doesn't matter. We have pushed this war forward. If it does prove true that this issue has been taken too far, then it is all our faults. I only ask that you all take your share of the blame, for the sake of fairness. I have taken mine. Mr. Darthen has taken his. Mr. Spawn2099 has taken his. Ms. Sarasa has taken hers. Mr. Chris Redfield/A Very Disappointed Author has taken his. If you do not want to, then that's all right; it is your choice, but do not come back around and start insulting my credibility, or A Very Disappointed Authors.

As many of you have been eager to point out, I am in control of this war. I have the power to begin it again, end it, make it go as low as I want, or make it respectful. After much deliberation, I have finally decided to use this power which you have given me, and end it for now. This phase will end in twenty seconds.

Despite what you may think, I do not despise any of you at all. Both my friends and my enemies have gained my respect and gratitude for giving me the experience of a lifetime before going off to college. I am grateful for any and all who participated and have nothing but good things to say about you. However, I've never had the time to tell you because I was too busy trying to defend my story. I want you all to understand that I—


Until we meet again,

Sincerely and whole-heartedly,