generic cancer
we'll bottle and sell
from the nameless sins
and a faceless hell

artificial heart
so easily broken
from permenant scars
and wounds torn opened

barren desperation
reflecting hollow dreams
from saturated vanity
and insignificant screams

merciless insecurities
stained upon the soul
from intangible redemption
and balant loss of control

melodic paranoia
caked in bewildered doubt
from draining all the words
and slowly pouring them out

neglected kindness
tainted by flawless greed
from a life that sufficiently fades
and love that continually bleeds

oblivious temptation
painted in the deepest red
from all the hostile tears
and guilty blood we've shed

immaculate hatred
remorsed in savage empathy
from this insatiable vengence
and unabandoned sympathy