Suffocating with people all around me, in an enormous mall called Collington Mall, I sit rather bored. Staring at the starry, painted ceiling, I stand up and start to walk towards the exit. Since I had already gotten what I'd came for, a new set of headphones.

All of a sudden, a girl appears to be walking backwards, too busy chattering her head off to her possy, to notice that I'm behind her, bumps into me! I fall backwards, and land on my ass, while she stumbles back and hits the ground. A streak of anger jolts inside of me.

"What the fuck! Why don't you watch where you're going bitch?!" I shout at her.

"Shut up you dyke!" she shrieks.

I figure she calls me that because of my short, blue, choppy hair and baggy clothes. But when she turns to face me directly, I know exactly who she is... Cassandra. She looks quite skanky today though. I assume that she's probably here to hit on some guys. She's the most "popular girl" in grade 12, well that's what a lot of people say. To me, she's the most retarded though. To me, she's the one who told everybody that I am a lesbian, completely outing me. The one who made my school life miserable. She'd once been my close friend, until she found out about my sexuality. That was my fault. I shouldn't have expected her to accept me anyways. She was, and is a homophobic.

"I'd rather be a dyke than be you. You're the most ugliest dumbfuck I've ever seen." I reply, clenching my teeth and standing up.

Then something, or someone catches my eye, and that anger bottled up inside of me vanishes. I find myself staring into her shining, brown, chocolatey eyes. Her lips seems so soft and pink that I could rest my own on them all day. She's maybe about an inch taller than me and looks about my age, 18. Her sleek, wavy, black hair flows over her shoulders a bit, and she looks slightly tanned. Anyone could tell that she's Asian. Her shoulders are slightly squared, don't get my wrong, she isn't fat or anything. She was built, in a feminine way. It's obvious she has a fine body. The way her round, and full breasts fits her white tank top perfectly, takes my breath away. How her backside looks tightly squeezed in her light brown capris... Damn this girl has me swept off my feet already!

"She's not a dumbfuck." a voice says coldly.

I turned my head towards the voice and realise she's talking to me. Even though what she says isn't all that welcoming, her voice is so enchanting, I could listen to her talk forever. After a few moments, I'm finally able to regain my focus on the situation.

"I see you've recruited a new member to your little bitch club." I say to Cassandra.

"Mmhmm... her name's Lily. Don't mind her Lily, she's Alex, the world's biggest lesbo." Cassandra says disguisted and rolls her eyes.

"Oh." Is all Lily says, as she examines me curiously.

They walk away, leaving me in awe.