"I'm sorry I-" I look at her. She looks older and I look around the bed. I'm in my dorm… I finally figure. I dart out of bed and burst into the washroom. Finding a girl around Lily's age glaring at me with disgust.

"What the hell!!! I told you the lock doesn't work! Don't fucking come in here naked you idiot!" She yells and slams the door after pushing me out.

I touch my face and blink, my heart still racing faster than ever.

"Whoa baby, what's wrong?" She looks at me with a funny face, pulling me into her arms.

"I… are you my girlfriend?" my eyes widen.

"We're engaged honey," she laughs wiggling her fingers on her left hand and kisses me softly as everything comes flooding back to me. We're in teacher's college... in our dorm. I look around at the two beds that we pushed together and our clothes from the night before on the ground. We're getting married soon... Her family is finally cool with it. We're okay and it's Sunday morning... It's spring and we're going to spend the entire day together.

"My dream. We met and then… you hated me and we were in high school and I ditched you that day and then I went to my mom's house and then…" I start trembling.

"And then you went to school the next day… and I kissed you in front of all of my so called friends and everything was okay after we talked it over and I told you that you're everything to me," Lily smiles.

I smirk at her, "Well I didn't quite get to that part yet…"

Lily grins, "I figured," and kisses me again.

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