A/N: I had forgotten some of my vampire hunters names. Isolde was one that I found the funniest. I hadn't used her in awhile, and I figured even if I don't I should have something to remember my rebellious lil vampiress by. Also, for some amusement... Isolde and Taranus are a couple, actually. Mm. Taking dysfunctional relationships to a new level.

Pink-Striped Hunter

The hunter scowled slightly from under the thick, stripped scarf that covered her face. The moon was glistening over head and reflecting off of the sunglasses that hid her cerulean blue eyes. Her straight, short black hair was laying gently over the yellow and pink scarf that hid her face. Two layers of loose, but thick, black jeans hung off her hips and was greeted at her belt-line by a pink long sleeved shirt with slits at her elbows of which gave way to thick, winter gloves that matched her scarf. The only bit of skin available was a pale patch surrounding the sunglasses.

The hunter didn't feel in the slightest bit foolish in her outfit. She was tired of the huntress bimbos, like her commander, that decided to dress as sluttish as they could more in an attempt to show off their body than to really get their job done and leave. People like the commander were only going to get bitten. Isolde had the comfort of knowing that she'd at least have some sort of minor protection, even if the layers were hot. She'd been wearing similar thick outfits for years, and had trained in the same attire. She wasn't at a disadvantage. If anything when she only was at a disadvantage when she removed the clothes, and she hardly ever did.

Isolde was, in the past, pure-blood vampire, but her crew had taken it into their own hands to try and 'cure' her of her disease. She was stuck with lots of small animal meals, but she didn't care. All Isolde ever wanted was to kill. She didn't care who or what. Years with her commander had left her in debt to the vampire hunter, and so she joined their hunting band. Every night, like this night, she was given a location of where a suspected vampiric aura had been, and it was her duty to eliminate it.

She'd been given an easy mission tonight, and didn't feel the slightest bit of worry in wearing her bright garments. In both hands she had specially designed knives just for her. One was a long, curved sword, and the other was more like a spike than a knife that reached about a foot in width and had two small dagger-like attachments. Isolde held them in plain sight, not really caring who noticed and who didn't. She was given right to kill tonight, and she would kill anyone that may 'accidentally' get in the way of her mission…or her blades.

Her eyes scouted up along the building she stood in front of. A normal, everyday house. She simply rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Another damn teenager with an obsession I bet. Great. Now I have to kill a whole family. I am not bothering to explain why I just ripped anyone's kid into twenty pieces again." She stopped suddenly, faintly feeling an aura behind her.

A hand reached out, gripping her shoulder, and Isolde instantly attacked it. She sent her dagger through both the hand and her own shoulder. The hunter couldn't help but scowl at the pain she caused herself, and the person behind her gave a faint groan as well. She recognized that pained groan. "Taranus." Her head turned around to find that she was right, and she pulled the blade out of her shoulder and glared at him from beneath her mat of hair and the sunglasses.

"Hello to you, too, Icy." He said the comment in a bit of a growl, rubbing his hand furiously. Isolde peered at the thick mesh outfit that consumed his entire body and gave a laugh as she glanced at where she knew his ronin blade was. He didn't seem to notice the inspection, and was speaking with what amazingly wasn't sarcasm. Taranus hardly used sarcasm unless it was in instances of his own pain. "I've been sent to keep you fromkilling the entire family. Commander's orders. Commander doesn't want a mess up like last time. You make our trail too… obvious."

Isolde merely wondered why the commander hadn't just mentioned that it was another teenager, but she didn't care. She gave a scoff and eyed him up and down once more. "You know, for being Celtic, you look like a ninja. Since you've decided to look the part of a silent fighter, you're going to act the part. This is my mission, and I have jurisdiction over your role so long as the commander's rules have been adhered too. I won't kill the entire family, and you won't intervene unless I'm at the last one living. If you do, I will report you to Pulchra for disobedience to your leaders."

Taranus have a loud sigh and Isolde instantly reacted by dropping her sword and clocking him in the jugular with a clenched fist. He gave a gack and grabbed his throat, glaring death at her from beneath his mask. "That wasn't being silent… private. Now be a good little boy and pick up my knife." He scoffed and grabbed it, handing it to her by lacing just his pinky around the handle. Isolde gratefully took back the weapon, gripping it tightly and letting her hand brush against Taranus' as she did such. Under his mask, he smiled slightly, and they both set about entering the house.

They didn't have any special manner of entering, It was somewhere between eleven and midnight, and no new-born vampire teen is going to be sneaking out that early, and definitely wouldn't be sleeping. Isolde just lifted her hand and knocked on the door with the back of her hand. It only took a few seconds of waiting before a kid with dyed black hair and green cat's eye contacts opened the door. He glared up at the two at the door, and Isolde was actually amazed that the boy could see through the thick mat he called eyeliner. She could just barely sense anything off the boy, but she could already tell he was the one she was looking for.

Shouts rang from another room asking who it was at the door and the kid didn't answer, moving to lift his hand and push Isolde out the door. He didn't even get to touch her, however, before she knocked him the floor on instinct. She bent down over the boy, grinning pure malice from beneath her scarf. "Little boy, little boy, didn't Mommy tell you not to play with fire?"

The boy seemed stunned that he was caught off guard and growled, baring his teeth at her. Isolde growled back and much more fiercely, simply slashing down vertically with the sword, feeling it slide through bone and brain. She kept it going until it met the dagger she had, at the same time, cut straight through the boy's neck. The head was severed into multiple more pieces after which, and the mere child's scream had alerted his parents.

The father was the only one to come out, holding up a gun and pointing it straight at Isolde's head. "M-murderer! I'll kill you!" And thus was Taranus' cue. He simply cracked down on the man's hand, hitting him just right and causing the man to loosen his grip on the gun just in time for Taranus' other hand to fully remove it from the father's grasp.

"Sorry about this, sir, but I'm afraid we don't need any extra violence."

Isolde cast a glare at Taranus once more, her scowl being the only sign to him of her irritation. "Shut the hell up, Blue." He grinned at the codename as the father spun around to clock him in the chin. Taranus didn't seem to even move his head in response, wrapping his arms around the father's waist and holding down his arms. The father fidgeted under the pressure, but didn't seem to manage a way out, and began head butting backwards to no avail.

The man was shouting for his wife to call the cops as Isolde strode over to him, pulling up her sunglasses so that her cerulean blue eyes were at last visible. Their eyes met and the man whimpered underneath the vampiress' gaze. She liked seeing such a grown person whimper under her stare. Her gloved hand came up to stroke down the man's chest as she leaned over even closer to the point that she could feel him shake against herself and even the contrast of Taranus' still arms that were pushed into her stomach slightly.

"You know," she cooed innocently, "It's men like you that make… boys like him." Her eyes motioned to the teenager sliced upon the floor. "Men that fight, and shout, and draw guns on strangers…and even punch the ones that don't do anything. Putting the blame on people that don't do anything isn't nice, and neither are firearms. Whatever happened to the glory days where a person could truly appreciate the intimacy of a sword slicing through another person?

"It's like good sex, really. That intense passion in what you're doing…most of the time. The sweat, the animosity of bestial instinct, the feeling of penetrating another's flesh, either slowly or quickly, to reveal the inner works of which inspire a rush deep within you. I'd say you should try it some time, but that'd be a pointless request, gunman."

Taranus actually had started laughing slightly, feeling the man's muscles tightening more and more with every word that she whispered in his ears. He could feel the fear radiating off the man. The wife had appeared in the doorway and fainted soon after the sight of her butchered son. Taranus paid her no mind, and neither did Isolde. The man was choking and sweating, tears forming in his eyes from either rage or the final realization of the scene before him. "Who--who are you?"

"Me? It doesn't matter, you'll be bleeding to death by the end of this--" She paused, thrusting her sword through the liver of the man, and the stomach of Taranus. "sentence." Taranus gave a slight groan and let go of the man and pulling backwards to let himself off of the sword, glaring death at Isolde once more.

"Well, at least," he spat the words in a wincing fashion. "You didn't kill the entire household."

"Nope," she said cheerily, reminding Taranus of a cheerleader at a high school sports game, before spinning around and heading for the door gleefully with her blades still dripping with blood. He sighed and gave a small smile, walking after her slowly. Isolde would always be the weirdest person he'd ever know.