Move so slowly close the door
And leave the others out,
Knees and palms on top of legs
In soft shades deep light brown.

Nocturne's Dream of t(hre)ea f(or) two
Gasping she-(be-)bop sigh(t)s:
Lap licking kisses petting wet
Overwhelmed by Midsummer-Nights.

Visual verge in living colors
Elusively purple melt to more,
Arouse to yellow, red and orange
Subtle scent of white soft core.

On nights where shores smoothly touch
Now twilight twirls in-t(w)o,
Everlasting rise from dawn to dusk:
A bright fire set from gloom.

Lost in love right in the middle
Waves whelm from life within,
And wholesome hearts of carnal needing
Yearn, - to burn the pulsing beating:
Soft and silently fulfills…

"Din !"