Sometimes, Lord,

I need a guiding hand

To lead me through this foreign land

This world of sin and hate

Sometimes, Lord,

I leave your chosen path

To feed my own pride, lust or wrath

I take temptation's bait

Sometimes, Lord,

I question things I know

To be the truth, the seeds you sow

To fuel my wavering faith

Sometimes, Lord,

I tremble and I fear

But suddenly I feel you near

You are my help, my strength

Sometimes, Lord,

I raise my voice in song

To praise your name, Your love so strong

That you went the farthest length

Sometimes, Lord,

I wonder why you'd give

Your very life that I might live

And walk through heaven's gate

Sometimes, Lord,

I simply need to kneel

And know that your forgiveness is real

Even in my sinful state

And sometimes, Lord,

I feel you take my hand

You're always here, you help me stand

My comfort, support, my armor plate.