The cruelty of fate

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another poem from me. I wanted to do something different, and well this came as the end result. I hope that you wonderful guys and gals love this. Me I love this, and it gave me so much to think about. I hope that you think about it as well. Enjoy. Heya, don't forget to review this for me. Reviews just make my day.

I saw an old man yesterday

Worn and haggard he was

Living in the streets in poverty

And hating life just because

His life didn't have any meaning

And joy was far away

He hated what he had become

A burdensome price to pay

He always had a bottle of wine

To drive away his pain

He wanted to momentarily forget

The life that he was in

His body was as unclean as his soul

His heart was too far gone

He didn't have a single friend

And he always stoof alone

It didn't help matters much

When people turned down their nose

Of course he had the smell of funk

Because really he had no clothes

Hatred ruled his very heart

And rage burned ever so bright

He'd come to hate almost everything

Everyday single day and night

Sadness found a way into his heart

And he could feel the pressure of grief

He wanted to leave this life behind

So that he could get some peace

I saw an old man yesterday

Worn and haggard he was

Time had been cruel to him

And he hated it just because