Before and After

Part 1

What's your deepest fear?

Standing on the edge of a pier.
Losing control no going back.
Tears roll down fragile cheeks.
Hair grapples with the wind.

Standing by the sink.
She stares at her battered reflection.
Blood drips from her lips.
He stands by her side.

Lying down, precious eyes wet.
Blonde hair stained red.
Cold body by her side.
Last time he takes her for a ride.

Hard spinning in a daze.
House, a constant bottle maze.
Torrid stumble to the sink,
Last nights supper came from within.

Music blasts in his ears.
Revealed, open, are his fears.
Gritted teeth his blood flows.
His life's slipping will it go?

Revving hard going fast.
Light headed, buildings blast.
He loses control of his life.
Crash, where are all the lights?

Part 2

Lusting water engulfs her body.
Cold, so cold her lungs feel.
Tossing turning the current sways,
Gone is her body, gone with the waves.

He hits those fragile cheeks,
Tears build but never flow.
She wants to leave, just go.
He'll always have his hold.

She runs with her last breath.
So small she can't rest.
He destroyed her every night.
Innocence gone, she couldn't fight.

Family, happy, nothing wrong.
That bottle made him say so long.
All alone, everyone gone,
Drunk he said goodbye to his wife and son.

Black, his clothes and his room.
All his pain cut away.
He no longer has to pay.
His life just slipped away.

Laughing drinking with his mates.
Only worried about his next date.
His car is his pride and joy.
Driving drunk he thought he was so coy.

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