A lonely woman's passage

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another poem for you, and this one is a two part deal. It's an angsty one, but you guys and gals know that I live off of angst. Anyway I hope that you enjoy what you read, and don't forget to review this lil ditty for me. Come on tell me what ya think.

I've lived my life the best I could

The memories I can't forget

The time has come and past me by

I have but one regret

I regret the day I let you go

As bitter tears sting my eyes

I wished that I could tell the truth

Right before I die

But time waits for no one

And you're too far away

I wished that I could say to you

The words I have to say

My heart is slowing down a bit

It's breaking apart in two

This pain is quite unbearable

And all I can think of is you

Do you know how much I loved you

Held you in my heart

I will take your love to my resting place

And never will it part

Your face is a vision

Right in front of me

Darkness hovers around me now

But it's only you I see

My love always remember this

That true love never dies

I will love you always

As I slowly close my eyes