A lonely man's passage

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's part two. Don't forget to grab your hankies. This one is a tear jerker; Enjoy.

Time has been brutal

Without you by my side

If love could have saved you

You never would've died

Just to hear this news

Almost destroyed my world

I kept recalling the time

When I had you as my girl

I'm an old man now

My heart isn't as strong

I let you walk right out of my life

And baby I was wrong

Oh I wish I could tell you

All the things I had to say

And I hate myself for holding it in

Each and every day

I was a fool enough to think

That you would change your mind

That you would love me right back

But atlas fate's not kind

I know that you never married

Nor did I, but you didn't know

I thought that one day you'd come around

And that you needed time to grow

Don't you know that I waited

I waited for you to come back home

Living in my house without you there

Was terrible living alone

I loved you, and I still do

Never will that change

I miss you so very much

But now I feel a pain

My heart is really acting up right now

Something doesn't feel right

I think of the only woman I loved

As I close my eyes real tight