This is Goodbye

Well, tonight's the night
I'll cloud your skies no more.
You'll spread your wings
To the sky you'll soar.

I never thought it'd be so hard,
To throw you high, to let you go.
I know we've got our memories,
But it's not the same, I know.

So there I'll stand, so far away,
Watch you twist and turn
So free, so high, excitement in your eye.
How I yearn, I hope you never learn.

I'll remind myself this is for the best
As I take up my pack once more.
You'll live a happy life, free of fee
She and I won't have to worry anymore.

Raise your young, raise them well,
Tell 'em stories of our adventures too.
Remember to hug them twice for me.
Tell your love she's lucky to have you.

Clear skies to you, my friend.
Go back to the life where you belong.
Goodbyes may be forever,
But the road of life is long.