He lanquidly opens his eyes, letting his senses return to normal, slowly, inch by inch, releasing his hold over the mage's sense, letting her float back to her own body. Watching her quiver slightly. Enjoying the feel of his flesh against hers.

He softly caresses her face, his hand moving down to her neck, tracing the lines of her throat until the delicate steel collar there stops him. Outside it is still night. His kingdom sleeps as she does. He slowly withdraws from her completely, both physically and mentally. Watching her face change, listening to her moan, feeling her shiver as some form of subconscious awareness returns to her body

It does not take the mage long to pull herself to half-wakefulness, a loving smile on her lips even as she shivers. The demon-lord realized she's cold and gently lays one hand between her breasts, to her heart, his palm touching her bared flesh. He can feel how chilled her body has become and sends a sure of liquid heat, like a fiery flame to warm her, through her body, through her very blood, or so it feels to the helpless mage.

Her body arches under his, her eyes snapping open as she comes fully awake and he smiles at her, and he softly asks the question he has always asked her, every time she awakens, to remind her of her place, "What freedom do you have, Jishin?" It is said succinctly, calmly. He knows the correct answer.

"What you give me, Master"

The demon-lord smiles and caresses her cheek before sending another heated jolt of power through her flesh, "Good girl." He listens to her moan softly, watches her writhe from the pleasure his touch and power he gives her. He slowly rises, standing back from her, admiring the curves of her body then he stares into her eyes.

"Dance for me." The command is spoken simply, not hint of inflection. And the woman who, even after years of living in his cruel and vicious world, is as innocent as a child rises to her feet with bondless grace. The demon lord's eyes flash, for a moment, a green color that only those who knew him from the ancient days would recognize. The color of the Dark Lord of Arrah, the nightmare of worlds. Then his eyes soften back to hazel as the woman in front of him shakes loose her long dark-flame tresses.

The mage slowly spins, all her body balanced over one leg, her other limbs stretching out, she slowly loosens her muscles, letting him admire her body, her grace, her form. Moving to the beat of her heart, taking her time to make sure she is properly limber. And even that she does with the thought in mind that she dances for her master. For the one being who rules her world.

The demon raises an eyebrow, something is missing. His hand raising, slowly, as gracefully as she moves. It glows green, something he normally doesn't do, at least not in front of others, in front of potential enemies. The green glow slowly changes, becoming thin lines of power, crackling light lightning. Then there is a faint sound.

It is seldom he asks THIS slave to dance for him, and never like this, never naked, at least not where any other can see. This is a special occasion, and the faint sound soon becomes a wind, a faint sensual tune from some other world echoing into theirs, unknown to this world, and except for the two in this room unknowable.

The mage lets her senses, both magical and mundane, flow into the wind, it's rhythm, it's flow, and soon it winds its way into her very bones and she starts to move at first, her hips swaying slowly sensuously.

The "Music" starts to echo as though from a source to one side of the pair, unseen, the sound itself flowing on the air from everywhere to here. Sensuous music that draws the mage into delicate steps on the end of her chain, her body arching back, showing off her chest, her arms, her skill and control, her balance. He finds her every move pleasing. Knowing her focus is on HIM, not on her, though it is obvious she enjoys this as much as He.

Soon she is spinning, leaping, slipping to the floor to crawl to him, only to rise and dart away, enticing him, calling to him. His eyes glitter like diamonds, harder. His intensity obviously. Soon the mage is fighting the chain, her steps leading her again and gain to the end of it, where she tugs on it, pulls on it desperately yet always sensually. Spinning into it's coils only to let them drop in a pool around her feet and dance away.

He watches her take the chain, the symbol of his dominance and bring it into the dance. It reminds him that her flesh, her beauty, her power, her very soul if he wishes it, are his to claim, to take. He notes every movement as she dances her need and desire for him. Their eyes locking. Her body alternates caressing his chain like a lover and then fighting it like they are the most deadly of foes.

The demon lord starts to stalk her then. Quietly, seemingly unnoticed he moves towards his property, this extraordinary creature that calls to him. As he closes she spins away, gathering up a length of the chain in her hands, a wild thing barely contained. Then she casts her chains about her Master, in reversal of their rolls.

He moves in time with her, letting her cast the chain about him, smiling at her, his eyes flaring green then once more softening to hazel. He picks up the rest of the slack in the chain and casts it around her, pulling her to him, turning himself to draw her in, will she or nil she. The woman tries to spin away, and for now he lets her. But she cannot move as far away as before, the chain binding the two of them together, like Sun and moon.

He watches her hungrily as she struggles in spins in his chains, he pulling them slowly tighter pulling her in like a fisherman might land a fish. The chain digging slightly into his back as the woman before him struggles artfully, twisting and turning, but always perfectly held to him, her master.

Ensnared helplessly in the chains she can only attempt to struggle as she feels HIS hand take firm hold of one of her thighs, pulling her leg up to force her to face him, then he wraps it around his hips, pulling her close. Unable to resist what he wants to do and he drives himself into her, changing the dance from one of desire to one of fulfillment.

The helpless slave girl, the mage who nearly killed the man before her now cries out helplessly, her arms going around him even as he takes her again, savagely, powerfully, but never cruelly. She starts to make soft mewling cries as she is reminded once more what she is to him.

"Oh Gods, Oh Master." Her voice is breathless, they both entwined in each other's arms, in the chains. His hands lifting her other leg to wrap around him, holding her full weight even as he takes her.

"You're MINE, Jishin…and your never going to be permitted to forget it long. If not already never forgetting it, slave girl! I'm going to KEEP you, Jishin…Keep you as My woman, my total slave, Forever." And he uses his body to make his point, pushing the woman towards the edge of bliss

He can feel her shower his neck, his face, his shoulders with passionate kisses, dancing to another rhythm now, "Always so pleasing when dancing for Master, aren't you?" and she nods making him smile, "Be reminded of your place as a Woman, then, dear one…."

He can feel her body so helpless in this version of the dance, moving with his thrusts, her feet not touching the ground, having to depend entirely on his strength to keep from being hurt. Yet he can feel her trust, her complete abandonment of fear for his touch and the bliss it brings her. "What are you Woman….?"


"For how long?" his voice is a low growl then.

"For as long as you wish to keep me."

He smiles then, feeling her body start to tense, knowing that soon she will surrender herself to him again, "True, slave woman…mine….for forever."

He can hear her breathing increase, feel her tense and hear her cry out, "OH MASTER YES. PLEASE YES."

He slowly moves so the chain puddles around their feet then returns her to the bed. Holding her gently, his mind and will reaching out for hers. The last dance, he lets his mind wrap itself around hers, first she pleased his senses, then his body, now he wants her to please his mind and soul.

"Submit to me, woman. Merge with me, Jishin. Let me show you more of what pleasure can be." And he pulls on her soul, calling it to him, holding her body tight, showing her how much he desires her. How much he wants to keep her. He is not a creature that can love. But he does want her.

And she, she can feel herself yielding to that desire. Her defenses going down, their minds touching once more. The sensation of the two of them forming one soul. Her kindness marrying his violence, her compassion to his ruthlessness.. And both of them know instantly what the other wants and needs, and share in the bliss of the joining.