This... is a poem I wrote, partially for school and partially because I wanted to. A friend came up with the title, though I am open to changing it. Personally, I'm not sure if its done; I'm not completely satisfied with it. I'm open to changing it, if someone thinks I should add, change, or remove something. Just... the style? Don't mess with that; I can't change it, since that's the only style- freeform- that I can write poetry for. Can't rhyme worth shit. Anyways, enjoy.

Facets of Ardor

Over the miles and the land,
A drifting lullaby is brought.
Wind whispers sweet melodies,
Carrying the voice of
My immortal lover
Singing me to sleep with words of
Devotion, protection, and love.

Images of dancing joy
Swaying to soft slow tunes.
Warmth pressed against me
As arms embrace from behind.
Visions dance in my head,
Shadows showing me the safety
Found in my lover's arms.

Sorrowful and lovely,
Full of pain and desire.
Lyrics and lines of poetry
Written by my lover.
Lines of sweetness and of love
Offers of protection and ecstasy
Spoken by my immortal one

Held from behind
One arm around my waist
Hand splayed across my womb
As child of love grows within.
Sitting nestled upon his lap
Leaning against his solid chest
Feeling content, safe, and loved.