Chapter 1

"Annie I love you. Please don't leave"

She watched as his hair fell down over his eyes and he brushed it away quickly with his thin fingers. "I have to go, or I am going to miss my flight." She turned and was about to leave, but he caught her arm and pulled her back.

"No I won't let you leave like this not without saying goodbye first." He held her tight and looked down into her dark hazel eyes. "Goodbye, Annie," he whispered as he captured her lips with his own. She felt her world crumbling as he deepened the kiss.

"It isn't goodbye Ryan it is only I will see you later." She turned with that and left without saying another word. The tears began to fall as she ran and made her way into the airplane without ever looking back at him.

He was truly alone and the only woman he had ever loved was now gone. She would move on with her life in New York now. She would become the big time designer she wanted to be and he would be left with nothing.

Ryan set straight up in bed and looked around the room. She, being his ex-girlfriend, had forced her way back into his memory. Why was he thinking about her anyway? She was long gone and they had both moved on with life. So why was he still trying to get over her?

He was sure that she was probably married and had kids by now, but he still couldn't let her go. They hadn't seen each other in ten years, but that still didn't keep her out of his heart and mind.

She was the only one he had ever loved. He had sworn that she would be the only one for as long as they both lived. To this day he had kept his promise to her even if she hadn't held up her end of the deal.

Sure he had many girlfriends over the past ten years, but none of them mattered. None of them could compare to Annie. She was beautiful with her long red curls and amazingly dark hazel eyes.

"Still I love her," he whispered into the darkness that surrounded him. He lay back down and stared at the ceiling. He so desperately wished that the empty space next to him could be filled, but by whom?

"Annie are you ready to go," her best friend Gail called to her from the other room.

"Yeah I am almost ready. Why am I going to this stupid event again?"

"Because," her friend stated also making her way into the hallway. "You were prom queen and class valedictorian, and it's customary for you to be at the ten year reunion. Let's just hope Mr. Prom king himself decides to stay at home."

Annie's mind was filled with thoughts as they locked the apartment and stepped into the cool Nebraska wind. Would Ryan show up? Would she have to face him again after ten years?

What he had been doing all these years, she wondered. Was he the big time college professor that he had always wanted to be, or did his life take him down a different path as hers had done?

No her dreams had changed a little since high school. She pushed away her memories of Ryan, because there would be too much time to think about him later.

Ryan straightened his shirt collar out, and then looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't too happy about going to this "dumb event," as he called it.

He felt it was stupid to go and talk to people you hadn't seen in ten years. What could they possibly tell you that would be of any use to you? Who invented reunions anyway?

Ryan wondered to himself if Annie was going to be there. He hoped she would, but then again what good would it do seeing her again. Seeing her again would only bring back the pain he had tried so desperately to put away.

He put his last piece of hair in place before grabbing his wallet and keys off the oak dresser.