Sindhlot sat in his throne. He hated his throne. It was five feet taller than him – and he was a good six feet. Its skull motif was uncomfortable, and the harsh edges, while intimidating, served to cut off his arms' and legs' circulation with irritating frequency. He had seriously considered replacing it with a simple wooden chair, but intimidation was a major factor in a fight. Who's afraid of a Dark Lord of Evil who sits in a cheap wooden chair? He needed to be taken seriously – when he wasn't, he had as many as four wannabe heroes knocking on his door every week. He'd taken enough less-than-scary precautions, like normal-sized doors at the gate and well-lit hallways so that the guards could see normally. They had enough issues already, they didn't need any more trouble.


The steel door burst inwards. A generic tall, blonde halfwit stood there with his foot in the door – or rather, the door's old location. In followed the usual crew. Mage prostitute? On the hero's left. Enormous brute? In the back. The brooding antihero? Where was the brooding Antihero? Every group of heroes had a brooding antihero.

Acting on a hunch, Sindhlot looked behind his throne and found some loser with a knife, dressed in all-black. Surprise. He was crouched, even though the throne was so tall it was pointless. Sindhlot kicked the fool's head.

"Ass! Fight me like a man!" the Antihero protested as Sindhlot arced lightning bolts around him.

"Why would I fight like a man, when I'm so much more than one?" Sindhlot taunted. His voice was like a hybrid of a hiss and a purr. A bolt of lightning struck the Antihero in the chest. He fell to the ground, lifeless.

"You bastard! You killed Kenny!" the Brute yelled. Everyone in the room turned to him. "What?"

Sindhlot used the distraction to detonate the mage's skull.

"We have to stop him!" the Hero yelled, moving into a fighting stance. Sindhlot laughed. He snapped his fingers and a lava pit opened in the middle of the room. It was circular, like the room, and created a thin ring of safe area around the edges. Sindhlot thrust his hand at the Brute and pulled it back. The Brute was dragged into the lava pit and dropped. The hero ran around the edge of the lava pit and began fighting Sindhlot near the edge of his lava pit. As such things usually go, Sindhlot was knocked off the edge, barely catching himself.

"I can't believe I'm doing this…" the hero muttered. "Take my hand! I can help you out!" he yelled, extending his hand to Sindhlot, fully expecting Sindhlot to either refuse to or to try dragging both of them in. Instead, Sindhlot took the hero's hand, climbed out, and promptly shoved the hero into the lava pit. He snapped his fingers and the pit closed.

"Much better. Now I can get some sleep," Sindhlot murmured, moving to a couch hidden behind his massive throne.