Peanut Shells on a Tuesday Night

You can smell the whiskey on their breath

And my false eyelashes linking their traffic stops

But don't be fooled

Because the weapon is more dangerous than the protection can muster

Peanut shells and wine

I don't know where I've been

Or where I am

Such elegance of burgundy bliss

Peanut shells and wine

On a Tuesday night

Got at least a gallon of snakeskin full of my own runaway milk cartons

I have shredded myself too many times for too many people

I only am left with broken egg whites and barley

It is never enough to make a meal

Peanut shells and wine

I don't know where I've been or what I have left behind

Chipped a nail or two

But I'm never concerned why

Peanut shells and wine

Nothing but work on a Tuesday night

It's never too late to turn around they say but I know better

Change your ways they say but Lord knows I can't break a dollar

Preaching love and goodness

But love ain't got me nowhere on a Tuesday night

Drinking my life away

Letting them stare and wish they could touch my thighs

Farmland country sure bring up some mighty pigs

I'm nothing but a passerby to them

No name but such a pretty face

"I would want her for at least one night"

I just want them to go home to their wives

Peanut shells and wine

I think its time I said good-bye

To my last Cabernet and last Georgia peanut

I think I'll gather up my past lives

And make that dreaded phone call

"Mama I'm coming home."