Dear Mom & Dad

Today is the last time you'll treat me this bad

I'm tired of being in this living hell

From day one, pain of some sort has been felt

Mom, remember when I was younger

And you said you wished you'd used the coat hanger

Remember the times you told me I was just an accident

The unwanted result of a careless incident

And Dad, remember how you've beat me every day

To the point where these scars will never fade

I hate you both and I hope you die

This is for every tear that I've cried

For every ounce of blood that I've shed

I'll never be able to fix what went wrong in my head

So tonight, when you're asleep, I'll take your gun

And place it between my nose and my tongue

For every wrong that you've done

The drugs I take no longer get me high

And I'm tired of wearing this mask of lies

When my blood begins to spill

I'm sure you'll be thrilled

I want to die

I want to feel the bullet go through the other side

And feel the snapping of tendons and nerves

I guess you could say I'm a little disturbed

For weeks I've planned this out

Today, I found your credit card and maxed it out

Ran you bankrupt and put you in debt

So now I can leave this world with no regrets

I stopped hoping for a better life

Because it amplified the pain inside

Well, now I have to go

The house is quiet and the chanber's full

Bang will be the sound of my brains hitting the wall