I saw a man sitting with a plastic bag

While walking down the road one day

Sitting by a city bus sign

He looked like an average guy

As I drew closer

He got ready a paper

For a cigarette he rolled in no time

The very next day

I saw the same man with tobacco bag

Sitting for the bus, rolling away

So I sat down next to him

And started talking a bit

I realized he had a lot to say

He talked about the world

And how it was unfair

He talked about the government

And how they scam every dollar

The more I listen,

The more I learned

The tobacco bag man was quite a scholar

Everyday after that

To that place I went back

To hear what he had to say

And watch him roll cigarettes from his tobacco bag

The fire with which he spoke

complimented the fact that he smoked

He looked so young, but

His eyes told what his tongue could not

An old man in the body of a youth

A soul old before it's time

troubled by ignorance uncouth

He began to teach me how to rhyme

"Everything in motion,

Has it's own rhythm"

He told me to find it and make it mine

The tobacco bag man

Never talked about himself

He always walked, never ran

He'd always greet me with a smile

As if he had a master plan

One day I went to meet him

And to my surprise, he wasn't there

I never saw him again

And it made me wonder

What happened to the tobacco bag man

Will I see him in thirty years

sitting at that same sign with his tobacco bag

Talking to some kid while breathing through an oxygen tank

Looking back on that time

I remember everything he had to say

And the impact that it's had on my life to date

If you're reading this, tobacco bag man,

I just want to say thanks

Thanks for helping me understand