Title: A Challenge

Chapter Title: Hmm… A challenge

Author: Jessica Turner

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Brad Coster, put a hand through his blonde hair and rubbed his sapphire colored eyes. His tan skin glowed. He was a tall, 6'1 with a muscular body. A girl near him passed him a paper bag and a bottle of spray paint. He had no idea who the girl was, but damn, she looked hot!

She had hip length, blonde hair, tan skin, large breasts, and turquoise colored eyes. And she seemed to be about six feet tall. He smiled at her. He then sprayed the spray paint into the bag and brought it up to his face. He inhaled it and smiled, happily.

He felt so great. He dropped the bag and spray paint and then jumped on the girl. He was in his limo, and about a block away for his high school. He looked down at his Rolex watch and saw that he had a half hour before school started. That was definitely enough time.

Audrey Samson, put a cigarette to her lips and slowly inhaled. She was your typical Goth, with an attitude, and the right clothing. She was wearing black jeans, and a black t-shirt. She also wore black lipstick and mascara. Her left eyebrow was pierced, and her ears were covered in piercings. Her right breast was pierced. She had hip length black hair and sapphire colored eyes. Her nails were painted black. She took another drag from her cigarette and then saw the license plate of Brad Coster. He was probably in his limo, fucking someone.

Why did Audrey know Brad's license plate? No, she was not in love with him. It was just that every, mindless girl in her school uttered it every day. Because they were love with Brad Coster. Not her!

God, if I ever fall in love with that asshole then kill me. She walked past the limo and then continued her walk towards Brighton High School.

She lived in the crappy, useless town of Brighton, Connecticut. It was a very small town and no one had heard of it. It was boring. At least it was if you were a social outcast like her.

But, if you were a rich, hot guy or girl who was popular then it was heaven. So, many parties, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and sex.

But, Audrey did not lead that life and frankly, she didn't want to. She walked up to her best friend, Vincent Woods. Otherwise known as Vin, Vinny, or Vince Woods. She smiled at him. "Hey, Vin." Vin, had curly, black hair and dark, brown eyes. He was Italian. He was dressed in black like her, but he was not a Goth. "Hey, Bree." She rolled her eyes. "Vincent, how many times have I asked you not to call me that?" She asked purposefully calling him Vincent, who by the way was the name he hated.

He stuck his tongue out. Audrey grabbed his tongue and he said something that sounded like, "Et me lgo." He actually meant, let me go, but it's pretty hard to talk when your tongues being held captive by your best friend. The bell rang and Audrey let go of Vince's tongue. They climbed the school's front steps together, hand in hand. A passerby would have thought they were a couple.

Brad slammed himself inside of the girl. He could tell, just by looking at her that she was one of those girls who loved rough sex. So, he gave it to her. He looked down at his watch and said, "Shit!" "What's wrong Baby?" She asked, acting like she had been dating him for years. Brad gave her a look and then said, "I got to go." In a cold tone he said, "Get the hell out of my limo, you slut." She looked at him and did not even look hurt.

All she'd been with Brad for was for some good sex, and she'd gotten it. She was a player, just like Brad. She got out of the limo with no top on and got plenty of whistles from nearby men. She reached and put on her bra and t-shirt and walked over to a man's car.

Brad yelled to his driver, "Get me to my fucking school now!" The driver went there as fast as he could. Someone like Brad Coster could break the speed limit because his father was the billionaire, Ted Coster. He grabbed his bag and quickly put on his shirt. He ran up the stairs and slammed into a girl. "Ah, sorry," He yelled.

The girl looked at him. "Watch where you're going asshole!" Brad stared at her in surprise. She was the only girl he'd ever known who'd called him a name. The rest were too obsessed with him to do so. They wanted him and if they had to be treated like dirt, to get what they wanted then so be it. He realized that she was the school Goth. He stared at her for a moment. She was the only girl he hadn't fucked.

Hmm… A challenge.

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