"So this is what it feels like

When the loneliness sets in

And I'm left with just my cigarette

Arm dangling out the driver's side window

Of my still-parked car

Blasting my thoughts to the empty street


'You'll see me as I'm walking away'

And I'm keeping time with my middle finger

Rings clink clink clinking on the glass

Way too tired to question who I am today

And who I'll be tonight

(so confused, yet so at home)

Empty coke cans in the backseat

Along with your ghost

Bitter results of a failed runaway

Not the first, nor the last

'It's just easier that way'

But it's just another day wasted

Dreaming in Technicolor pictures

That I can't let go

Tighter Tighter Tighter until

They're a crumbled mess of


Of broken promises and suffocating rooms

Innocence lingering on that black rug

'You don't know me'.

8/17/2005 10:16pm