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For the time being, I'm being patient and amidst this bitterness.

I watched in distaste as the couple in front of me flirted, touched, and even more nauseating things. They have been going out for four months, not four hours they should be over this first date crap. First date reminded me of the teenage male sitting next to me, who smelled like manure and ate like the animal the manure came from. I looked at him in disgusted and tempted to move further away from him, causing me to bump into the male of the disgustingly happy couple. He looked over at me, with those enticing pacific blue eyes and rose an eye brow in question. I eyed the beast eating to my left and he looked over. I noticed him wince slightly, only I could really see it. Pacific blue eyes looked back into mine and I pleaded with him and he let out a small sigh.

"Lets pack it up guys." The other girl pouted and I hated how cute she looked when she did that and I hated even more how the owner of the pacific blue eyes melted under that pout every single time. "I'm sorry Claire." He offered no further explanation for why he wanted to go. I knew he didn't want to embarrasses me and say it was my fault for wanting to leave but he also didn't want to lie to his girlfriend.

"Fine Raphael but you owe me, I didn't even get to finish my fries." Claire said, her brown eyes accusing Raphael who smiled, blonde hair brushing his forehead as he nodded.

"Well then, just take them with you." I said, annoyed that they weren't moving to go. Claire looked over at me and something behind her eyes just made me think she was calculating me. It wasn't enough that she was completely beautiful with her long straight black hair, natural tan skin, big brown eyes and a body anyone would envy but she was also smart. Beautiful, smart and nice. How was I possibly going to compete with that? Not that I had a chance since Raphael was completely infatuated with her and worshipped the ground she walked on.

I walked silently behind the couple, the big ape stomping next to me. Raphael and Claire, perfect couple. Raphael being gifted in the looks department. He had shaggy blonde hair that never fell into his sparkling pacific blue eyes and a smile that could make any girls legs shake. I guess you could say he had 'boyish good looks' and he did, Raphael was simple adorable. Yet it was his body that most girls swooned and dreamed about. He was the poster guy for Abercrombie and Fitch. Not to mention he got straight A's, was on the soccer, football and swim team. Oh yeah, did I say he was probably the nicest guy in school? He was a gentleman, opening doors and all that jazz.

Yet Raphael Stat was my best friend, had been ever since pre-k. He wasn't one of those 'over night hotness' guys, no he was always good looking, sweet and smart. Just instead of older ladies going 'aw, aren't you the cutest thing?' it's the whole female population actually wanting him.

Raphael got into the car as I crawled into the front seat and put on my seat belt, facing foreword and refusing to talk to him. In my mental ramblings, he had already dropped off the beast and Claire, walking her up to the door and having a make-out session that disgusted me to no end.

"Come on Jordan, don't be mad at me." Raphael said and I knew he was giving me his best kicked puppy dog look, which never worked on me. Alright, it hardly worked on me… okay! It always worked on me!

"Raphael, I understand you think I'm pathetic because I've never had a boyfriend my whole short lived 17 years but setting me up with the beast isn't exactly helping." I said, playing with the radio station in annoyance because there was no good music on.

"I don't think you're pathetic." I looked over at him, watching as the passing lights made shadows on his face. "I just wish you'd tell me who you like. I mean, I always tell you who I like." Raphael said, hurt etching his voice and giving me another kicked puppy look. I sighed and leaned into the leather seats.

"That's because you can get whoever you like." I said honestly. What was I suppose to tell him? 'Oh Raphael, I've liked you and I'm so completely pathetic that I cant seem to get over it.' Uh, I don't think so. I rather be forced fed live worms then say that.

"Don't say that Jordan. You're beautiful-" I really wish he didn't say stuff like that, it makes it so much harder to get over him. "-intelligent, sweet and not to mention a great cook." He looked over at me, giving me that heart warming smile that reached his eyes and made them sparkle. Poor, deluded, completely oblivious Raphael, when will you learn?

I got out of the car when he pulled into his driveway and he hoped out, leaning against the hood of the viper. I shut the door and walked around the front of the car.

"Need me to walk you home?" Raphael asked, already walking instep next to me as we cut through the tall bushes and started to walk up to my front door. Yes, you guessed it Raphael and I are neighbors! Not even that, our mothers are the best of friends and either knew about my little crush on Raphael and liked tormenting me or was completely oblivious of it and talked about what our children would look like just for the fun of it. I really hope it's the last because knowing them, they'll try and set us up and that's the last thing I need.

"Bye." I said, opening the door but Raphael was too quick and grabbed my arm and pulled me into our routine hug. I was sure he'd grow out of it but he never did. I held my breath, trying not to take in his oranges and guy smell, he always smelled good no matter what.

"Good night." Raphael said after our hug. I waved and walked into my house, closing and locking the door with a loud sigh. I turned around and there stood my mom in her pajama's, which was just a ratty old t-shirt and some shorts, and her hair pushed back behind her ears with an eye brow raised.

"It sucked, the guy was a complete beast and he was practically spewing out food. Not to mention he couldn't even hold an intelligent conversation." I said and my mom laughed, taking the last step and standing in front of me.

"With the bad comes the good." She said and I scrunched up my face at her. What good could possibly come out of this? Nothing, that's what. It still would have been even if the guy I've liked my whole life was sitting centimeters away from me flirting with a girl who is so far out of my league I might as well live on Pluto. But not, I had to get stuck with a guy who thought a good topic for discussion was what my bra size was!

"Yeah, right." I said, stomping my way upstairs in aggravation. My mom wouldn't understand, she married the love of her life! That's right, my mom and dad were actually in a happy, loving relationship. They were best friends that became more their senior year when they thought they'd lose each other forever. How romantic, right? Should encourage me to go after Raphael, eh? Well it doesn't. My mom and dad got lucky. Okay, yes, now they are divorced but it wasn't messy or loud. It happened four years ago, when I was 13, and even now I couldn't understand why they did it. I thought they "loved" each other, its not like they ever fought!

Yet that was a story for another time.

I opened the door to my room and closed it. My room was nothing fantastic, it was small and looked even smaller because of all my clutter. My bed was queen, my mother had said it would take up half of my room but by god I was sick of falling off my double! It had dark blue sheets with a bright tie-dye comforter. My walls were covered with posters, pictures, tickets, letters, and everything else. I had a regular sized TV, a DVD/VHS player, a nice stereo system and lucky for me, my mom let me put my computer in my room. Well it was more like the old computer that had so many virus's on it that it just gives up sometimes but it was still mine. I had one book case, with books, magazines and notebooks in an unorganized way thrown around. My floor was covered with papers, hangers, dirty clothes, clean clothes, cups, bottles of different pops, and other assortment of things.

I plopped down heavily onto my bed and curled up with my Eeyore stuffed animal and closed my eyes, glad that the next day was Sunday and I could sleep in without that annoying thing called school interrupting. I rolled over and pushed on my stereo before laying on my back and staring at my ceiling. Soon a soft female voice was floating around my room with haunting lyrics. I closed my eyes and let sleep take over.


A yawn escaped my mouth as I looked down at the magazine in front of me. Why bother looking at guitars I know I'll never be able to buy? Uh because they are beautiful and wishing can never hurt.

I heard the faithful ding of a bell and knew a customer had walked in. I looked up from my magazine to almost fall backwards. Two guys and a girl had just walked in and they weren't the type of customers I, or anyone for that matter, wanted in a place where I worked. Actually, I'd like to keep a 5 mile radius away from them at all time. I glanced in the backroom, wondering if my boss would care if I just disappeared until they left. Of course he wouldn't care, he's a 40-year-old hippie but I'd feel bad if they stole anything or burnt the store down.

Violet colored eyes connected with mine and raised a pierced eye brow. I didn't look down or around because that's what she wanted. She was a pure demon, fed on fear and she wasn't going to get any from me. Valentina Apple, her soul was as black as her mini skirt and where her heart was suppose to be was a black hole. Don't get me wrong, Valentina was in one word, gorgeous yet completely dangerous. Her hair was cut short, her black and purple bangs hiding one of her violet eyes. She was pale but not sickly so and had porcelain skin. She was only an inch or so taller then me and I was a good 5'5.

"May I help you?" I asked but what I was really thinking was, get out now before I call the cops. Valentina's eyes, or the one I could see, narrowed as I imagined her suddenly growing bat-like wings and horns then coming over and clawing me to death.

"What's the price?" I looked into sparkling, not in a good way mind you, stormy eyes. I almost gagged but held it in as I rolled my eyes sky ward. Deciding not to add fuel to his ego-fire I decided to play along, well a bit anyways.

"Like you could afford it." I said in a sickly sweet voice. A large smirk covered his face and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes once again. Fox Yann was our schools resident play boy, not to mention he was best friends with the schools resident "bad boy" which made him a bad boy by association. His name fitted him right though. Hair that was the color of fire and stuck up just like one and stormy gray eyes that always held this glint in them. He was tall and lanky, yet I, and anyone who didn't live under a rock at our school, knew not to take him lightly. The only reason he was never expelled was because his dad was filthy rich and always bought him back in.

"Looking for a Hollywood Undead CD but you probably don't know who that is." I looked over at Valentina and resisted the urge to growl. If I just acted aggravated she would have succeeded in pissing me off and got her jollies out of it too. So I tilted my head to the side and put on a disgustingly sweet smile.

"You're so cute Valentina!" I said and could almost imagine steam coming out of her ears until finally her head popped up. "Tha Producer, Charlie Scene-" I began to list off the people in the band as I walked over to one of the many shelves. "-The Server, Funny Man, J-Dog, Shady Jeff, Da Kurlzz." I grabbed a CD and turned around, raising my eye brow. "We are talking about the same Hollywood Undead, right?" I asked with foreign innocence. Fox smirked, looking over at Valentina as if to say 'she told you'. Valentina turned her 'if looks could kill, I'd so be dead' glare from me to Fox.

"Its for me." A hand came out and snatched the CD out of my grasp. I narrowed my eyes and looked into bright green ones yet they weren't even paying attention to me, just looking over the CD as if to see if it was fake.

Last, but certainly not least, Warrick NaDell. Our schools resident "bad boy" and yes, Fox's best friend. He smokes, he drinks, he had sex a lot, he breaks the law, he fights and anything else you can think of along those lines. He towered over me, hell he towered over most people, and stood north of 6 foot I was sure. His dark brown hair fell into his lightly tanned face which made his bright eyes all the brighter. He had strong jaw and cheekbones that made him look all the tougher. Unlike Fox, Warrick was built, not steroid looking but enough muscle that he looked like he could do some damage. He wore slightly baggy jeans, a white t-shirt that clung to his chest and stomach which showed the muscles that everyone knew were there, and over that his trademark blue, red and black leather racing jacket. What bad boy didn't drive a motorcycle?

"You have to pay for that." I said, grabbing it out of his hands and turning around before he could punch my lights out, which I'm sure he would have. I heard Fox's laughter behind me and then the distinct sound of something making contact with something else, I'm guessing Warrick's elbow with Fox's stomach. I turned around at the register and chanced a look at Warrick who was know studying me with an upraised eye brow. "Do you want it or not?" I asked, glad my voice didn't quiver.

"How much?" He asked, pulling out his wallet from his back pocket and walking up to the register. He ran his tongue over his lips, causing me to notice his tongue ring. Here I thought he only had a lip right, on his bottom lip off to the left. Unlike Fox and Valentina, Warrick wasn't loaded down with piercing.

"Eight o' nine." I said, ringing up the CD. "Bag?" I asked, looking up at him as he handed me a ten dollar bill. I opened the cash register and quickly counted out his change.

"No." Warrick said in his deep 'no questions' voice. I handed over the change and CD and he took them, turning his back on me. Raphael took that time to come rushing into the store, almost knocking out Fox.

"Whoa, sorry Fox." Raphael said, patting him on the shoulder and dodging by Warrick and looking at me with that big, cheesy smile of his which I knew only one thing made him that happy, Claire.

"Raph, I don't get off for another hour and judging by the size of your smile I judge by the size of your smile that it'll take a lot longer then that." I said, not really in the mood for him to tell me how much he loves Claire or what happened on their 'make-up' date.

"Oh and that monster jealousy rears its ugly head." My head snaps up as I look at Fox who's giving me that stupid smirk. Raphael turns around to give Fox, I'm sure, a confused look before looking back at me.

"Get out." I said, non-to-kindly. He just laughed and walked out, following the lead of his friends. I sighed and looked down at Raphael who had his head tilted to the side. Great, now I had to come up with some lame lie that he'd probably see right through and then he'd get all pissy for me lying to him. "Fox is just being lame, don't listen to him." I said, deciding to just go with the truth, even though it was only half the truth.

"Okay." Raphael said slowly, knowing there was something else but letting me get away with it. "Well anyways, Claire's parents told her to invite me up to their cabin next week for winter break!" The silent sound of the world caving in around me greeted me as I looked at my ecstatic best friend.

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