All Hail Pinochet: (the everlasting) US Governance of Latin America

Have you heard their helicopters beating through the air?
Have you seen the CIA installing the next dictator?
What will come can be predictable
And it is Washington's own wish
Authoritarian imposition
That's dubbed "sphere of influence"
The armies marching through the street
Because martial law has been declared
For when the people do revolt
It always means dead protestors

And I ask you:
Have you seen the yankees, come in?

Have you seen the IMF write the terms of life?
Have you noticed riot gear was shipped from the USA?
What will come can be predictable
And it's the want of many corporations
Stealing the wealth of every country
And taxing the exploited masses for it
Because here it's just the Strongmen that matter
As bourgeois politicking will show
For people's movements are always betrayed
And slandered by the Western world

And I ask you:
Have you seen the yankees, come in?

Have you ever seen a revolution liberate the land?
Only to have it denounced by the Americans
Have you seen the yankees come in training terrorists?
Playing their war games quietly with mendacious excuses
Have you seen the tyrants consulting with the US embassy?
Have you experienced military control and political killings?
Have you seen private companies implement their capitalism?
For when all their work done what was left was degeneration

A self-indulgent White House wielding a tradition of imperialism
Watch your son be gunned down in the street when the yankees come in

This poem is dedicated to the people of Latin America, who have repeatedly been persecuted and murdered by the USA, and who have endured the following: the hit squad CIA, America's bogus "democratic watchdog" organizations in the area, the World Bank and IMF, capitalism, general imperialism, and falsified charges against the Latin American people in times of radical anti-imperialist change.

Long live the struggle for freedom in Latin America by the people; long live the past leftist governments ousted by Washington DC; long live the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

Viva la revolucion.