An Ode

Say Farewell to those who Laugh and Scorn

For they do not know how "Star Wars" was Born.

They have laughed at us, and made cruel Jokes

But they don't even know on whom Sam Gamgee Dotes.

They do not understand what a Betazoid can Do

or on which episode of "Star Trek" they show the Loo!

They think it strange when we speak Klingon, Huttese, and Elvish

but then again, we think it strange they only speak English.

We theorize on who Harry Potter will Marry

and on how Voldemort's evil will somehow Tarry.

We like to watch Buffy and Angel go out and Fight

We even understand why Angel can't go in the Light.

We know all the ins and outs of these made up Lands

they think we're freaks and won't shake our Hands.

I think we're just as crazy as they Say

but I think we shouldn't care Anyway.

They don't get us, and they think us Strange

We think the same, and we won't ever Change!