All these bizarre illusions

leave me unneeded confusion

It's and indescribable feel

no longer knowing what is real

It's as if you enjoy deceiving

playing with what I believe in

what is your stratagem

you aren't fooling me again

You show how nothing seems to fit

Please don't further complicate this

My mind's been beaten to the core

I can't take it anymore

You leave me helpless to see

the monster that's become of me

like a torn forgotten soul

chaotic, uncontrollable

Must sheer grief be my sole theme?

or am I ever to redeem

common sense, and piece of mind?

Are they too far left behind?

Don't give me technicalities

I've enough shares reality

Form the time you've come, I've resisted

You didn't listen and persisted

I don't care what you stipulate

All you've done is manipulate

Not knowing I'll escape the freak show fair

When I awaken from this nightmare