Dragonfly Summer

Surge low and fast
Pacing over the water
Small stick legs tracing a rhythm
Little ripples reflecting
Slow croaking fills the air
High chirping too
A rush over the bladed cattails
The clouds whisper ever white
Sun beating on the winged being
Zipping low
Surging fast
Rippling forever
Landing and absorbing light
Glistening off the wings
Whistling breeze blowing
Shimmering on the swamp
The smell rises
The noise swells
A sweltering mucky day
A call from the distant trees
No one responds
No one needs to
Just relaxing
Lazy day
Summer sun beating down
Time passes slowly
Drifting lazy tendrils of thought
Trail down the wings
Ever glistening
Shining in that sun
Flapping slowly
Launching away from the cattail
Leaving the earth behind
And reaching the water again
The laws of gravity are defied
As the wings are pulled into a swoop
Sailing into the gentle summer
Gentle summer breeze