The Challenge: A character is hungry throughout most of the story. During the story, a character is involved in a legal dispute. The story must have a demon at the beginning. The story must involve a statue in it. The story ends during a crime.

Nobody Knows the Trouble I See

In retrospect, he probably should have paid closer attention. Two thousand big ones are not something to fool around with, and certainly not when the pantry is stocked with two mouldy dinner rolls and three cans of tuna, and one hasn't a cent to one's name. Looking at things in retrospect does little to improve his mood. Looking at things in retrospect also reminds him of the reason why he had failed to pay attention: he had better things to think of, like how one gets rid of the paranormal, and also, what to eat for dinner.

"Look at it this way," Phyrus says conversationally, "At least you'll get free food in jail while being a burden on society."

Every horrible moment in his life has a direct link to the cheeky demon, including the reason why he had been accused of robbery. The damn demon can't his grubby, filching claws to himself.

"Is the wee lad still upset about that?" the aforementioned demon grunts, not sounding sorry at all.

"How'd you guess?" he snarls, but his stomach's insistent grumbling drowns out his savage fury. Nonetheless, the demon reads his lips and giggles. What an odd sight a giggling demon is.

Burble, goes his stomach

"O ho ho! A bit uppity today, aren't we?"

"Play nice." The two look right, left, finding naught but a dusty, grey street under an equally sombre, grey sky. A sitting gargoyle statue guarding the entrance to the court bares its teeth at them, its cold visage a shade of grey that is a fitting match to the bleakness of its landscape.

"...Phyrus, did that statue just talk to me?"

"Indeed, it just did. Actually, it's a gargoyle pretending to be a statue. Odd lot, them gargoyles."

"Phyrus," he says as they begin the long walk home, "promise you'll cut down on the stealing thing."

His stomach agrees, adding a burble! bloop!

The city court is (in)conveniently located in the centre of the bustling city, and he does not look forward trying to convince the demon to walk past the many store-fronts without any trouble.

"But that's scandalous!" the demon protests, eyeing some very fine pieces of jewellery glittering behind a display case. A lone cop slouching against the wall and attempting to look nonchalant is no match for the long, clawed fingers of the pilfering demon.

"Exactly. I have two thousand bucks to pay up, and the rent's--put that down!"

The demon attempts an angelic smile, but fails miserably due to the fact that it is quite the opposite. "What?"


"Hey, you there!" Now the cop is no longer attempting to look nonchalant, but is looking quite mad and quite ready for action. The demon's mouth twists into a face-splitting grin, delightfully pleased.

Glop his stomach says mournfully, and does a belly-flop.