Once upon a time, there lived a king and a queen. They loved and cared for their people and the people of their kingdom loved and respected them. They ruled the kingdom jointly for many years. And one year, the queen became pregnant and gave birth to a child. His skin glistened like a peach covered in dew, his eyes sparkled like twin emeralds, and his hair shone the color of pure gold. The queen and the king called him Day, and his beauty stunned them such that they decided to hold a huge feast in honor of his birth. They invited all the fairies from across the kingdom to bless him with the most wonderful gifts: patience, kindness, generosity...

But, unfortunately, they forgot to invite the cruel fairy Cruella, who, in furious rage at being forgotten to the feast honoring such a beautiful child, cast a curse on him: he would always want more power, and this need would only end if he slept three hundred years in a row. The cruel fairy knew that such a long rest could not be achieved, for only evil fairies had the power to make people sleep, and no evil fairy would be willing to help such a wonderful and loving couple.

So the prince grew up, always wanting to lead, to rule, but never getting the power he craved. And when Prince Day was two years old, the king and queen had a second child. Her skin glistened like ebony, her eyes sparkled like two amethysts, and her hair shone like smooth strands of licorice. Her beauty equaled that of her brother, and the rulers named her Night. They held a feast for her, as well, but not as large as such beautiful babies seemed more common after Day's birth. They invited only the most important fairies, and remembered to invite Cruella.

But, unfortunately for them, they failed to invite the malevolent fairy Malevolenta, a fairy even more vengeful than Cruella. She felt extremely insulted that they didn't consider her an important fairy, and cast a curse on the little Night: she would always want more power than what she had, and would kill to receive it. This affliction would remain until she managed to sleep for three hundred years. After the feast, Cruella and Malevolenta cackled together, thinking of the misfortune their curses would cause in the royal family.

And so time went on, the king and queen worrying about how their children would destroy the family and kingdom. Already, Night had killed a sparrow and two cats that didn't submit to her, and Day had managed to order a servant beaten and see it happen in front of him. But all these worries went away when the queen became pregnant with her third child, two years after Night's birth. All the kingdom almost stopped breathing in anticipation of the foreseen beauty of the unborn child. When the child finally came, the king and queen wept in disappointment. Her skin glistened like sand, her eyes sparkled like two gray pebbles, and her hair shone like dry mud. Her name was Dusk. The king and queen declared the day of her birth a day of national mourning in the kingdom. The king and queen still held a small feast in honor of her birth, punctuated by the queen's sobs.

The king chose to invite only three fairies: Felicia, Merralia, and Joyia. To the young princess, they gave three gifts: joy, merriness, and felicity. These fairies were known for being the most unknown fairies in the kingdom, and the king chose them for obscurity. He could imagine the embarrassment in having blessed an ugly child! But then, in the middle of the sorrowful feast, the doors of the dining hall banged open, the sound echoing around the mostly empty room. In the doorway stood a fairy, her wings dark like bat wings, her face contorted in rage. She declared,

"I am Evilia! The least known fairy of all! You didn't invite me! I am ANGRY!" and with a gesture of pure evil she intoned, "This girl, Princess Dusk, will, on her sixteenth birthday, prick her finger on a rose thorn, a cactus spike, and a briar thorn! And when she goes to bed that day, the whole castle will fall asleep with her, never to wake up! Only a kiss will wake it up! Muahahahahaaa!" and while the last sound still echoed in the room, she disappeared, leaving behind despairing sobs.