"Tell me a joke" said Rowan, smiling at Jessica through the thin window that separated them. She tossed her long black hair and held the phone closer to her ear.

"I can see you…" She teased, pressing her slender fingers against the glass. Jessica looked back at Rowan, into her deep brown eyes. What was she doing here? she didn't belong.

"Jessie" Rowan frowned. "I'm stuck here all day, everyday and I never see one smile. It's ten years till I can see the true light of day again, give me something to look forward to" Jessica allowed her a weak smile.

"I'm going to get you out of here, Rowan, this is a mistake" She said into the receiver, looking her girlfriend in the eye.

"It's not a mistake," Rowan whispered, her smile fading, "I killed him, Jess, I shot him dead. I deserve this" A tears leaked out of her hazel eyes and dripped down her tanned cheeks. "I need you to wait for me… please" Jessica held her gaze but said nothing.

"Goddamn it, Jessie!" Rowan suddenly shouted banging her fist on the glass. "You can't do this to me!" An armed guard walked quickly over to the booth.

"Time's up, ladies" He said taking Rowan's wrists away from the window and handcuffing them behind her back, making her drop the phone.

"Wait!" She struggled against his strong grip, "I need more time, please! Jessie!" But Jessica couldn't hear her through the glass. 'I love you Rowe' She mouthed to the slim girl struggling against the guard. Rowan kicked over the wooden chair she had been sitting on, her tears flowing freely now.

"Jess! Jessie! Don't leave, wait!" She sobbed as two more armed guards joined the struggle. Jessica picked up her handbag and jacket. Rowan gave one last cry before she was hauled away by the guards. Now Jessica let herself weep, it was all she could do. These white walls were holding in her love. She watched Rowan be dragged along the corridor behind the glass, and although she couldn't hear her, she knew that she was screaming.

"You alright, miss?" Another guard asked her suddenly. She nodded slowly wiping her eyes before quickly turning and walking away. She could wait, but she couldn't wait ten years.