Chapter one - Surprise visit

Caz hated Sunday's more than ever, she found it impossible to relax when she knew the horrors of a monday morning awaited her. She spent the time cleaning, baking or reading, trying to sort out her music collection or phoning friends. Caz didn't like to socialize on Sunday, it was her personal time and she hated to be disturbed. This Sunday, however, was different. Caz was sitting on her plush red sofa watching TV, day time television sucked but it was better than cleaning the bathroom. Lemon, her fat blonde cat, was snuggled up against her side on the sofa purring loudly as Caz stroked him. For some reason Caz was on edge. There was nothing to be afraid of, her girlfriend would be here in ten minutes or so and they would go out to see a film, so why did she jump when the microwave beeped, informing her that the pizza she had put in fifteen minutes ago was done? Lemon shifted his position, it seemed like her was worried about something too. Caz tickled him behind the ear before slowly standing up and walking through the living room to the kitchen. She turned on the radio on the shelf and started humming along to a tune while setting out plates and cutlery.

"Took too much and now I'm done, it's all over but the crying" she sung softly to herself while taking two glass tumblers out of the cupboard above her. She felt something brush the backs of her legs and turned around quickly, dropping one of the glasses. It was just Lemon, or was Lemon, he had run away when the glass had smashed next to him. Caz sighed and bent down to pick up the larger pieces of glass, still humming.

"It's a sunny day today, if you're heading out make sure you've got sun block and a good hat" The man on the radio chirruped happily. Caz reached up and turned it off, she had a headache and wanted silence. While she was sweeping up the shattered glass there was a knock at the door. Caz froze, unsure if it was her girlfriend or not. She slowly stood up and stepped over the glass.

"Jesse..?" She called softly, eyeing the door. There was another loud knock but no reply. Caz started to worry now, there was all kinds of weirdo's that lived around her apartment; she didn't want to open the door to one of them so she decided to ignore it. Lemon jumped onto the table, breaking the silence.

"No, off the table you know your not allowed..." said Caz turning to pick Lemon up. "Now shoo, go and chase something..." When she turned around the door way wide open. Caz's heart skipped a beat and she looked around wildly.

"Who's there?" She stuttered, slowly retreating into the kitchen where she could find some sort of defense. Suddenly a woman in her late twenties appeared around the corner. She had long almost black hair and was wearing jeans and a faded black T-shirt-shirt. She wasn't wearing any shoes, and Caz could see she had painted her toenails blood red. The woman looked vaguely firmiliar.

"Can you help me.." The woman said with a coy smile "I'm looking for Jessica" Caz took a step backwards, bumping into the table.

"Don't be afraid," she continued, "I mean... I'm not going to hurt you unless I have to. You know her don't you...?" The woman looked around and saw a photograph on the coffee table. It was Jessica with her arms around Caz. She looked up at her quizzically.

"So.. she didn't wait for me" said the woman giving a terrifying laugh. 'The woman belongs in a mental institution' Caz thought to herself.

"Who are you" Caz asked, struggling to not panic. The woman picked up the photo in it's frame and dropped it on the hard tiled floor, smashing it.

"I am something my Jessie left behind a few years back" She smiled taking a step towards Caz. Caz edged away.

"Get out, leave me alone, leave Jess alone" She said picking up a letter opener from behind her and brandishing it. The woman smiled and took another step forward. "Stop, just go" said Caz trying to regain herself. The woman reached out and put her hand on the blade of the letter opener. Caz drew away quickly, cutting the palm of the woman's hand. The woman winced and looked at her hand.

"That wasn't very nice" She said smiling and slapped Caz hard across the face. Caz fell to floor and clutched her burning cheek, looking up at the woman. Lemon came around the corner to see what was happening.

"Oh look" The woman laughed, "Its a kitty. Come here kitty cat" She held out her bleeding hand to Lemon. The friendly cat came over and purred when the woman tickled him behind the eye. Then the woman picked up the letter opener which was smeared with blood.

"Tell me where Jessie is" She asked Caz bending over her and holding the blade to her throat.

"I don't know" Caz lied "She is meant to be here but she's not comming" The woman frowned. Suddenly she reached down and held Caz's mouth shut with one hand and her nose with the other. Caz began to stuggle under the woman's grip, she couldn't breathe.

"My name's Rowan, and I'm looking for Jesse" The woman smiled as Caz's eyes rolled showing the white. After one final kick, Caz's body lay still. Rowan withdrew her hands and stood up. Lemon began licking Caz's face, confused as to why she was no longer moving. Rowan tickled Lemon behind the ear once more.

"Don't worry, Kitty cat, I'll be back for Jesse" She smiled before picking up the bloody letter opener and walking out. In the apartment Caz lay dead in the living room.