By:Andrew Troy Keller

Are you one of those guys
Who love girls only for their eyes?
The only one,who indeed had put himself down,
Was someone known as Philip Brown--
Someone who was not one of those guys.

Then one day,
In a certain type of way,
Someone had sat down
Next to our poor Mr. Brown,
And wished he had gone away.

But then,when they've looked into each other's eyes,
They've decided to give romance a try.
"Hi.",said Philip Brown,
Who was no longer down.
"I really do love your blue eyes."

"I'm glad for my eyes which are blue."
Said the girl,who had happened to be Sue.
"I love you,for you're a thrill."
"Thank you.",said Phil,
Who had seen life anew.

And then,after they've gotten themselves a clue,
Philip had married Sue.
After that,they no longer feel down,
For they're still happy to be Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
For Philip is still in love with Sue.