There exists a place called Nowhere, and in this place Nothing has power. There exists a man called No One, and in him is the power of Nothing. No One was Nothing, and in Nowhere he ruled.

No One was feared by man, for his power of Nothing, for Nothing made him invincible and Nothing made him immortal. Through Nothing he had all power.

Even though No One had the power of Nothing, No One despaired, for all he tasted, smelt and felt was Nothing, and all that he was was Nothing.

No One wanted to experience a normal life, so he forged a plan. He would pass on the power of Nothing to another. This would be the difficult part, because it was only No One who had wanted the power of Nothing.

No One knew that he would have to deceive someone to take his power, to become Nothing themselves, But how to do so was unknown, No One couldn't think of a plan.

One day, as No One looked upon the people and saw what No One could, he witnessed thieves who would sneak into houses, and try to be invisible, he saw soldiers in armor that thought they were invincible. And with that, No One knew how he could entice others to take Nothing from him.

No One spent seven weeks in the forge of Nowhere, and created his masterpiece, he called it the Armor of Absence.

Now that the conduit to pass Nothing to another was made, he needed someone to pass Nothing onto. So No One sent out servants to start rumors about the Armor of Absence, rumors to entice thieves and rouges, warriors, and brawlers. "Nothing is completely invincible," they would say, "Nothing is completely invisible, and with an item my master has, so you can be too."

But the enticement of the Armor of Absence was not enough to conquer the fears of the mortals. So to this day, No One waits for the day that someone will take Nothing from him.