7/9/2005 C.E.

This universe is my own; I seek

To create that which has never been before.


I wander these roads that have been inlaid into mine brain over the long years of my journey;

They become illuminated like in the days of old, where monks bring light to a god long dead.

What is this in mine head?

It slooshies its way through the corridors of my hands to the pages beneath them.


Weeping to find that elusive truth, I love it, you- my first love of ever after.

This moonstruck thought happens ever so often.

Snort about this; don't regress into darkness.


This is like a pier along the heart of mine ocean; these stars

Will go on just as they've been till the end of time.

This place (in that which) I go, will surprise me at every turn; help me

(Stars) to see that my dreams are not ripped away.


This isn't the first time I felt out of time, this won't be the time I try to rhyme; my teachers

Taught with humanity, unlike, but some in the vast part of my sing-song existence upon the plain.

I laugh at the yarn I can spin, laugh and yawn for I get tired so easily- I'm all ready

Inside that place I wish to be, but since it can change at a moment's notice, I take only

What I want to my countenance.

(So hard, so hard, between the light and the darkness- we need both to teach-

But we need to be grey to reach beyond it)