Yesterday the artist dipped his brush into a solemn blue

Streaks of red intermingled with the blue, creating a threatening whirlwind of color.

The sun no longer granted the world with brilliancy

The ball of fire lost its glow, failing to bathe the world in its light

Yet another child drowned in his tears at the loss of a parent

Another fiery flame died out, another blossoming flower withered.

The snowflakes melted as they touched the ground

They never gathered, never formed a winter wonderland

A stray dog howled a howl that pierced eardrums

Yet no one came, no one took pity

Just yesterday, the pianist suddenly stopped playing

His muse had abandoned, his inspiration dissolved

Two starcrossed lovers separated

Their passion extinguished, its beauty lost

The beating heart grew cold and was shattered

The skin became prickly, the features harsh

Great minds died out unexpectedly

They lost their beauty and became hollow

The entire world lost its meaning for a moment

Life was not worth living, breaths felt wasted

Today the music entranced the world once more

Today is not yesterday