1Dear friend

my heart

my soul

do you not see you make me whole?

Do you not see

what you mean to ME?

You say you're scared

well so am I

you say you won't leave

me far behind

But despite what I've done

how far we've come

it was just as much your fault

as it was mine

For the one you loved

clouded your mind

and it took you a while

to finally find

that I was the one who would always be there

I was the one who would always care

And today that rings true

more than any time before

and I believe in the impossible, and maybe more

and the reason I've said all these horrible things

is because, like you, I too am scared

will you please be my wings

to help me soar

above my pain

to see that there's a reason

to wake up again

just take my hand

cuff me if you must

don't ever give up

for both of us, you must

be as strong as you can

for I know you won't fail

our friendship, most certainly,

will always prevail