Author's note: Not my best, but I needed it out. I'm always going to extremes. Hope this one lasts. Anyways, R&R me, I'll R&R you. Just got back from camp-where I wrote this-so give me a couple of days. Later loves.


Acceptance 7/29/05

I've always been considered 'independent'
Even as everyone else made me cry
I've always been a bit insecure
My head was never held up high
But I think it's all coming together now
The only one holding me back was myself
When I didn't open up or ask for help
And listened to my enemies on my way to hell
Lately, though, I've been shutting them out
And screaming when they tell me not to shout
Forgetting everything they ever had to say
From here on out, it's all going my way
And if I need help, I can get it
I guess it's sort of my self-acceptance
No, I'm not perfect, and I can't please the world
But I'm tired of trying and ending up hurt
Yes, I'll help, as best as I can
And it'll work out the one time I can't
I know I've always shown respect
When I didn't get it, I'd get upset
But everyone has their bad days and I can accept it
Shrug, move on, and I refuse
To hold onto the bad and let go of the good
So if you can't handle me being myself, it's your problem
And right now I don't have the time to solve it