The Waters of Memory


Tears of the night have fallen

In the dark cold of agonizing stillness

Memories slumbering but not forgotten

Awakened upon the water's wavering surface

I can see the images shivering, faintly

Held in the palm of my hands

The droplets slip from my grasp gently

Ripples that quiver when each bead lands


The very reflection I now see

When the ripples subside to stillness

Gazing into the clear surface

A flood of the past that engulfs me

Reminded of all the triumph and disappointment

The many laughs and simple tears

Every tiny drop, every vivid moment

Believing, in friendships that will last beyond years


Tightly I hold on to precious memories

The bygone days I shall never abandon

Like the calm waters forever in tranquility

Moments never lost, living on for eternity


August 21, 2005


For the summer provincial meet I shall never forget… a group hug that is forever sketched in memory.