Chapter ONE: Beginnings


First was Earth, because you always need a place to Start. Water came next, to soak up the earth and give life to it. Fire and Ice came together – because there can't be one without the other – Fire created shadows while Ice reflected light. Last came Wind, to keep things from staying still... and so our world was created.

For centuries the world shifted and changed forming four territories surrounding the Unicorns Forest. Then humans came to inhabit those four territories –each territory protected by one of the powers that first created the world. Envy and power struggles started and soon war spread through out the lands. For three generations our world was the province of war and the blood of thousands covered the earth.

Finally, the Kaida rose in Fireland, taking the name of the eldest of the Dragons that guarded their lands. The Wayde came to rule Seaside and the creatures from their ocean that kept them safe from external foes. Braeden took its name from its first king and was know as that. The Windam took power in the North, and in their Valley.

After years of war the ripped the world apart, peace was welcomed warmly. Each power took it's precautions to protect their people, Dragons guarded Fireland, Earth would shake and shallow whoever tried to harm the people from the Breaden lands and the water and it's might would protect Seaside. Wind didn't know how to protect the Windam Valley- Though it's magic was as strong as Earth's, Fire's or Water's, it wasn't in Wind's nature to fight, so the other three powers help her to create the phantom Wind Army that would only answer to the call of the wind. In each generation four people would be born with the power to command such army but their power would only awake in time of need to assure peace. These four people would be graced with a part of wind's magic mixed with each of the other three powers: one would be graced with the ability to control wind when mixed with water, other the hot breeze that came from Fireland, another would be able to create tornados and twisters over the ground and a last one would control the cool, icy air from the high mountains. And so, the legend of the Wind Warriors was born.

After that, things changed, in general for the better. But there were some small defeats.

After that fist big war, Fairies retreated to the deepest parts of the Unicorns forest – where most magic creatures had chose to live, since the woods were a sanctuary of peace. Some of them came and went, visiting humans that still held their favor but their trust in men kind was lost.

Fairies look human mostly – in height and build – but their eyes and hair is what sets them apart. Fairy eyes are of shocking colors: purple, yellow/gold, orange, red and shades of green and blue impossibly deep; and their hair is either white blond or silver gray. I know this well.

Long ago, a male fairy by the name of Nathaniel fell in love and married a young maiden named Amrei; and from their first born my line – The Raleigh – is descended. Over the years, here and there, children with white blond hair and purple eyes have been born into the family. To show the fairy trait on our blood, I have purple eyes – thought my hair is mahogany – and my twin sister Marit has the white blood hair – though her eyes are of the same pale green like our mother's.

Marit and I were twins but we weren't very close. After our mother died when we were ten she chose to go and live with our maternal grandmother in Seaside. I chose to stay in the Windam Valley with father, he needed me.

When I was old enough I joined the King's Guard, with special permission of my father – the Warmaster – and King Roger. Three yeas later – just after I turned nineteen – I was the first woman to ever be awarded with the rank of Knight.

Here is where my story begins...


End of chapter ONE

Author's note:

This is a prequel to Love & Magic but you don't really need to have read that to understand this.

I hope you like it, and let me know what you think.


Clavie, The Bad One