Crash Week


Monday, the first time joining a crowd

Fallen so soon for one person's smile

Tuesday, not much for being friends

Before the trial it completely ends

Moving on, my time will come

Wednesday wielded no better sum

One with a face, oh, so hot

Thursday soon he was forgot


For pity's sake, where's the appeal?

Send me a sign! give me a deal!


Friday comes with better hair

Only this guy's too busy to care

Saturday saunters in with a bike

Perhaps the one I can possibly like?

Sunday reveals his inner bit

The cocky one with a personality split

Holidays blew in, so maybe luck will change

Still, so much to lose and nothing to gain

His charm was blinding, this one sweet guy

Who kept his silence with no goodbye

So much for fate's intervention


Is there no one from this dimension?

There goes my week


My life a crumble

See how many times I stumble?

What can I say, there is no other way

Only to wait for another damned day


August 17, 2005


A/N: My guy troubles all in one quick summary, not my best effort, but hey, just felt like writing about it. Hope this didn't burn anyone's eyes off, lol...