Beauty and Sadness

Your tears form after every two seconds,
but, they don't fall until the next shape.
If only, you could see yourself now...
such beauty and yet, such sadness.

You define beauty, just get rid of the sadness.

The soothing giggle I cherished so much,
has been replaced by these piercing sobs.
But, I'll make it seem like you laughed until you cried.

Your voice, don't waste such a gift by grieving it away.

Can you lean over my shoulder and weep on me,
so I can lick those salty tears away?
If crying pains you I shall cherish this taste,
for this is the last time you will have to cry in grief.

You're full of tears, so spill them all on me.

-Arcane Devices (ADD-san)

A/N: After a short-lived break, I'm back and I'll try my best not to dissapoint. So, enjoy.