A/N:This is actually a Darren Shan fanfic that I am quite proud of,and thought to put up here. However, due to the editing, it may seem a little disjointed, and I apologise for that fact. However I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Withought you.

I felt each stake as it went through your body,

I felt each breath leave your tortured body,

And I felt your soul leave as you died.

As I felt you fade away in my mind and in my heart,

Though I know not where your soul now resides,

Don't ask my why,

Don't ask me how,

For I felt you with me body and soul as you died,

As I can only hope that you felt me there too.

O my love, the one betrayed,

You thought differently and you treasured life,

While the others threw it away on the blade of a knife.

You thought up your plan,

Born in desperation,

Yet I could not be by your side at the end,

I could not offer comfort or defend.

You sent me away like a coward,

You forbade me to return and for that I will always regret,

The time it counted the most,

I could not find the courage to disobey and follow.

And I will carry guilt forever,

For be it in death or life,

I should have been forever by your side.

You thought it was for my safety, my life,

Yet I would give up my life just to stand again by your side,

Stand tall and say it proudly,

I risked it all for you,

I trusted you above all others.

Yet here I hide in the shadows.

You thought you were saving me,

But this is also death,

I died that day, along with you,

I died inside,

Withought you.

My only love,

The one justice betrayed,

You knew of their destroyer yet you would not say,

Quietly going with your plan to save all you may.

Yet you failed.

Your plan should have worked, if not for one,

One almost overlooked.

You tried to save him,

You thought he was the one who would most understand,

You risked all you had gained.

And you were betrayed,

Because he thought it was the right thing to do.

Now you are the one paying the price for their ignorance and pride.

My only love,

The one his kin betrayed,

You always went your own way, be it in death or life,

Now you are the one paying the price for their ignorance and pride.

My love,

Now that you are gone,

Your soul lost to me,

Not a day goes by

Every single day,

That I don't find something that reminds me of you,

Something that we did.

I cry over you,

Every time I think of you,

Until I have no more tears to cry.

This is my sorry,

And my final goodbye.

My guilt,

My penance for obeying,

My love for you,

Forever in my heart.