Chapter 30

I slowly started to wake up remembering where I was and James. I quickly looked at James to make sure he was alive still. I smiled as I saw him looking at me.

"You're ok." I smiled hugging him tightly.

"Course I am kid." He smiled back.

Logan and Tiger stood up.

"Next time Jess, tell me you're awake and where you're going. You scared me." Replied Logan.

"Sorry." I answered.

"I'm just glad you're both ok. But one thing Jess next time don't do what you did again."

I looked at Logan and then away.

"Ok then I won't."

"That's a good girl. We'll leave you both to have a chat then. We'll be back later when you, Jess, have to go back to your room."

"Sure." I answered.

I didn't really want to go back but just agreed with them both. I watched them both leave and then just continued to be silent.

"I'm glad you're ok." James finally answered.

"Yea I'm glad you are."

"You know…I love you Jess…I don't want to lose you." James told me.

I looked up at him silently for a minute.

"I love you to." I whispered smiling.

We locked eyes for a moment. James slowly moved so he was sitting up with me against him as I looked up. We were both silent and then slowly James moved his head towards mine. He was smiling but nervous I could see it. I was just as nervous though. I felt his lips touch mine and the moment felt magical as he kissed me. We both closed our eyes as time seemed to stop and nothing else mattered. It was like a fairytale from when I was little. The prince had just rescued me and now it was a kiss, a sign for a happily ever after ending.

Finally James broke the kiss and opened his eyes as I opened mine. He was smiling and so was I. We looked at each other silently for a moment.

"How was that for a first kiss then?" James whispered knowing that was my first.

"It was brilliant." I smiled.

He then kissed me again. It was the same reaction. I loved him so much and for him to love me was even better.

For that moment my mind was free from everything. All I thought about was the kiss and the love it held. No Kane. Nothing bad. Not the other me. This was magical. I wanted it to stay this way. I didn't want it to go but soon it would, until the next kiss he gave me.