Sleepless Nights

It was one of those nights. You know when your body is dead tired, but your mind won't shut up? Well I was staring at my ceiling, waiting for sleep to claim me. That wasn't going to well. So even though my body protested and would hate me in the morning I hauled myself out of bed and down the stairs.

Once in the kitchen, I grabbed the container full of teabags and set the kettle on the stove top. After turning on the kettle I went into our living room and turned on the television. Late night TV crap was playing, the perfect thing to numb my mind to the point where I may actually get some sleep.

Several minutes later the power went out. I sighed to myself. Dad must have forgotten to pay the bill when it came. So I stumbled and cursed and bumped my way through the darkness to the kitchen to shut off the gas. Pulling the curtain aside to let in a practically useless amount of moonlight, I began to dig in the drawers to find some candles and matches.

Then things began to get a little strange. Note the sarcasm. The teapot began whistling. A high pitched scream that drowned out all thought. I finally got the candle lit and then practically threw myself at the stove to lift the pot off. I didnt even think about the fact that I had turned off the stove before the water boiled. The whistle had kinda killed my common sense..

As I poured the water into my cup it began to change mid air. At first I didnt notice but I think that when a thick red substance begins pouring out instead of water, you kinda realize it at one point. The pot fell from my hands with a clang. It was blood. But how was that possible? I mean I believe a lot of things, but turning water into blood is not one of them.

With shaking hands I reached down and lifted the warm cup so that I could look into it. I couldn't believe it. Fighting down the urge to vomit right then and there, I focused more intensely on the reflection staring back at me from the red fluid. There was something over my shoulder. No, not just something, someone. And they were right behind me.

I dropped the cup, sending its contents spilling all over the floor, and glass shattering everywhere. Nothing was there. Shards of the mug were sticking in my legs and I could feel the blood trickling down my skin but I ignored it. I gently placed my hand over my heart, it felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and fly around the room! Then a small sound made itself known to my ears.

I heard tears and whimpering coming from the corner. I couldnt see anything so I slowly took a knife in my hand, for protection purposes you see, and crept around and looked at the corner by the door and the wall. A small pale skinned figure was curled up there. Exhaling a deep breath, I went and walked over, I could have sworn at that point that it was my sister who had probably woken up from a nightmare and heard me down here. Boy was I wrong.

I reached out a comforting hand towards the figure in the corner. As soon as my fingertips brushed the shoulder of her dark clothing her head shot up. I lurched backwards collapsed on my kitchen floor frozen with fright and stared into the gaunt, haunted face of my best friend. The only catch was, she had died in a drive by shooting three months before.

"Ellie," she called out, her voice the scratchy decayed whisper of the dead. "Oh, Ellie." A slow threatening smile crept upon her deathly pale face. "Come play with me." She reached a hand out towards me. In response I scrabbled back on all fours like a crab. Her smile just grew and she looked at the floor beside her. Then I realized that in my fear I had left the knife lying beside her. Am I stupid or what. But this had to be a dream. It had to be. It must be...Isnt it?

She picked it up and the blade winked threateningly at me from the darkness. Definatly not a dream no matter how supernatural. "I don't want to play" I whispered and my voice betrayed the level of my fear. I could feel my entire body shaking. Nothing seemed right. Her blank empty eyes looked around the room before coming to a rest on me and she crawled her way over towards me. Her pale skin radiated a cold pain filled aura. Her death decayed face was inches from mine when she began laughing. A slow laugh that seemed to boil up inside her, gaining power from every fiber of her being, swelling finally exploding outward with such force I flinched. Till she leaned back and opened her mouth.

From that dark whole another thing rushed forth. Though this was not a sound. Even though I hoped with all my heart that that's all it was. A phantom shadow flew straight into my face, blinding me, cutting off air. I screamed and thrashed but to no avail. That thing held tight. I began breathing hard from the thrashing and the lack of oxygen, I practically passed out on the floor from fear on top of that. I had no clue what the hell was going on or why.

"It was not meant to be me Ellie. The Fates wanted you. It was not my time." Kylie screamed answering my thoughts. Her voice cut through the darkness like the knife that she was now using to my skin. I screamed in pain and fear. The knife edged deeper till I was drenched in my own blood. "And now they shall have you, and I shall no longer be one of the damned. Those doomed to wander the corners of the world and the edges of Hell!" her voice screamed in my ears, echoing through my brain.

Then the shadow left. I was staring at my kitchen ceiling till Kylie's head pushed its way into my vision. I had no energy to move as she raised the blood covered knife over me. "Sleep tight my little angel. Good bye Ellie." Her voice rang with poison. But I had no time to respond before the knife made its home in my chest.

Pain ran in angry red ribbons through me, before I bled enough not to feel. A cold swept over me and a shadow clouded my eyes. But strangely enough I felt the knife pulsing in my chest with a warmth and power that I shouldnt have been able to fear."Good bye Ellie." The words rang through my mind till I couldn't think anymore. Until everything was black.

But I didnt die as I had expected. The knife pulsed stronger and I felt as if I was being pulled. But it wasnt a physical sensation, something much deeper, till I felt completly detached from myself. I looked around wondering what happened. I looked down thinking it must have been a dream and that I must have sleptwalked when I noticed that I could see through myself.

And that my now ravaged body was getting up off the floor. Knife still in place. Kylie was no where to be found, or atleast thats what I thought. My head looked down towards my chest, and tilted a little in question. Then my hand reached up and grasped the handle. Mind you imagine how scared I was to be watching this all third person. How would you feel if you were watching your body do something when you werent even in your body!? I, she, IT pulled the knife straight out and it shone with blood. But no blood came out of the wound.

In fact, she went over to the sink turned on the water and washed it away. No cuts scraps or gaping holes were left. Then my body turned back to me. It could obviously see me. A creepy smile crept on "Now its my turn" she said to me. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open. Well my spirits atleast. Kylie took over my body.

"Thats right Ellie. Now youve taken my place. And not only that, but you have to follow me around. Or rather follow your body, while I live in it." My eyes, well now her eyes, flashed red for a moment. She glared at my smoky form and walked over so that she stood eye to eye with me. "Hope you have fun while I live your life." she laughed maniaclly. And no not the "muahaha" that you hear in crappy horror movies but a deep-throated bone chilling laugh. That is if I had any bones at that point

I was right when I said my body would hate me in the morning. She most certainly does now. I didnt quite get why Kylie was so mad. But now I do. Being dead sucks! She seems alot happier now, but maybe thats because shes hanging out with my friends, talking to my parents, and being with my boyfriend. Or in short, living my life and doing one hell of a job. And Hell is no fun place I might add.

Though it is fun to follow her around because now I can smack her upside the head when she does something, and no one but her knows. And she cant tell so HA!

Sucks for her.