I wrote this a while back and I think it's one of the best things I've written... even if it's so sad.

That Girl in the Corner
That girl in the corner
You know,
The one that never says a word
Save the one or two words she pulls together for a teacher

That girl in the corner
You know she's there
The one who's always hoping you'll come over to talk
A full sentence or just a small one word greeting
She doesn't care
She just wants to know you see her

That girl in the corner
All alone in the universe
No friends
Except in her imagination
Where everything is perfect
Where looks don't matter
And true emotions come alive

That girl in the corner
She always seems to be thinking about something
You've always wondered what
But never bothered to ask
Why talk to her?
She's probably not thinking about anything important anyways

That girl in the corner
She wasn't there today
You vaguely wonder why,
But the thought is brushed away quickly
You've got better things to think about

That girl in the corner
Your teacher says shes dead
Hit by a car on the way to school this morning
The driver was drunk
Didn't know what he was doing

That girl in the corner
Who barely said anything
Who was never a part of anything
Who never had any friends
Who always had something on her mind
Will never be in her corner again

That girl in the corner
Will never have a chance
To talk
To be spoken to
To make friends
To tell someone who cares her thoughts

That girl in the corner
You never talked to her
Now you wish you did
Perhaps what she thought
Really was important
Now you'll never know