Divide the passion to the limit
You say it's worth it now, but is it?
Revise your frustration, you promise
If you are rash, that will just prolong it


And if you hang on to something
Make sure it's something worthwhile
If you hang on to anything
Make sure it's what you need the most

Remove yourself to foreign shores
Try to remember if you've been here before
And cast your mind's eye forward and back
It doesn't work this time so take a different tack



Define the limits of endurance
You don't win battles just by perseverance
You fight and still you don't succeed
And it would kill you, if you were to be free

You do your best and yet it's not enough
You're looking special but you don't look all that tough
You're damaged and you're out of time
You said you never would but you have crossed the line


What is it you need the most (to end)